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The above MAN-O-METER quiz and FEM-A-METER quizzes were developed by Dr. Eigen to give men and women a better understanding of their personalities. Each personality contains a unique blend of masculine and feminine energies. These quizzes consists of 25 questions.


The Drama of it all

Trauma is an experience that produces psychological injury or pain. Usually it is sudden and immediate and this trauma causes one to be traumatized. How is this different from dramatized? I am using this word, usually associated with make a dramatic play or acting, in a completely different way.

Dramatized is many experiences over time that create a state of heighten awareness, stress, fear, panic, and overwhelm, while inducing subsequent behaviors abnormal for the person experiencing it. In plain language, the experiences drives you crazy, making you act in way you would not normally act.

An extreme example could be people living in war zones or participating in war. Even if they have not directly been harmed, the constant noise, explosions, sirens and death that surrounds them, the constant state of fear-based heighten awareness, causes them to wall themselves off spiritually and emotionally. They withdraw from the reality of it all, and create a new reality, a constructed reality called a Construct. PTSD is an example of this.

OK, so what does this have to do with you, or the normal people you know? What causes a person to give up self-care, become for example codependent?

A friend related the story of his first marriage and divorce. He said the lead-up to the marriage was like heaven. Then the night of the wedding, after the party, but before consummation, his new bride sat him down for a “talk.” She told him everything she did for him i(Read more …)