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The above MAN-O-METER quiz and FEM-A-METER quizzes were developed by Dr. Eigen to give men and women a better understanding of their personalities. Each personality contains a unique blend of masculine and feminine energies. These quizzes consists of 25 questions.

I AM – Unboxed

There are so many organizations seeking our attention, agreement with their beliefs, and for us to declare membership in their organizations. They want us to join the tribe. Competing for control over our thoughts and beliefs by making other tribes wrong, they naturally are righteous – good, moral, just, blameless. Whether it is political parties; conservative vs. liberal leanings, regions (i.e. north/south), countries, my God vs. your God; all are forms of tribal affiliations. Tribes originated as protection against other tribes, caring for its members, hunting in groups, child rearing help, food sharing, etc. These evolved into complex societies with many sub-tribes. They are all artificial creations of our minds based in fear. They have one thing in common; the giving up self-determination, and conformance to the tribal way. In a free advanced society, supposedly of WE, THE PEOPLE, relinquishing of self is unnecessary.

Somehow these tribes, which were created to support us, began to demand loyalty. Read that as the giving up of our self-identities and replacing them with artificial tribal identities. This made us “safer”, more controllable and easier to control. We are told who we are and how to act. But are we really what we are being told? Should we have to give up self to be safer? Conformity is after all constriction.

People declare who they are all the time. They say, “I am Republican/Democrat/Libertarian; conservative/liberal; Pro or anti-administration; Christ(Read more …)