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The above MAN-O-METER quiz and FEM-A-METER quizzes were developed by Dr. Eigen to give men and women a better understanding of their personalities. Each personality contains a unique blend of masculine and feminine energies. These quizzes consists of 25 questions.

I Believe…

I believe in Science – Quantum Physics and the growth and development of life.

I believe in Traditions – the Universal Consciousness (GOD).

I believe these principles are inseparable, not mutually exclusive.

I believe I am a part of both, an inseparable part.


But how can these beliefs, which for centuries have been at odds with each other, both be true and work together?

The true nature of existence is paradox, the acceptance of seemingly divergent ideas, not black and white thinking, I’m right – you’re wrong. We both are right. This is a win-win. So let’s look at this from another angle.



In The Beginning, there was nothing but GOD, and GOD [created the Universe (condensed)]. Out of what did GOD create the Universe? Did GOD conjure it up like a magician out of a hat? Hardly.

GOD created the universe out of GOD’s own Self of course, as there was nothing else but GOD. Science can explain this.



First, we need to understand what everything is made up of. Hopefully, you know about molecules, which contain a lot of space between and within their elements and which are made up of atoms. Atoms contain Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons all moving in space; they are not solid. These atomic elements are made up of subatomic or quantum particles moving in still more space. These Quantum particles are made up of still smaller particles. And more space. When we finally get down to a solid indivisible mass, it i(Read more …)