Stop, Look, and Listen!!!

Who are you? This question is different than asking what you do, but most believe what they do is who they are. They have identified with their actions. Whether you are comfortable or not with your “doings” makes no difference as to who you are. If we take away what you do, what are you left with?

These are difficult question to ask ourselves, no less answer, but ask and answer we must!

If you think you are left with nothing, or some other less then real description, think again.

So…who are you without your “doings”? Don’t know, not sure? OK, that’s a good start, though certainly not a comfortable one. This is the dialog, or discussion, I am committed to encouraging, “a question unasked” about our system of beliefs about ourselves. We all have a Belief System (BS) that I call our inner programing. It is comparable to the “invisible” software that enables you to view this Blog. Are you happy, satisfied with life, fulfilled? Most are not because our BS actually prevents these outcomes. Want to fix it? Me too. The first step in problem resolution is identifying the problem. The problem is not our mates, jobs, government, etc.. It is our BS.

What I am asking of you is to think about the nature of being, as in your being, and share your thought and beliefs, your paradigm and let’s see what we can create.

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  1. Dr. David Eigen

    Thanks for your comment Michael, you are correct, looking within is the only way to outer happiness, because in order to feel the fulfillment, we must allow it within, or it is just another hollow accumulation.

  2. Michael Rosenbaum

    The question of who we really are is the most important question we can ask ourselves in life. It is the question that mystics and monks have been asking for centuries. I feel it is only by looking inside of ourselves will we begin to answer that question. Yes we have a physical form, yes we have some sort of job or role in life but isn’t that just outer dressing? When you begin to discover who you really are, without those things, then you realize you don’t need someone else to make you feel whole. it is only then can you really have a deep relationship with someone. Then you can give an honest response because you are not relying on them for your happiness and self-worth. I think David in his book is asking us to look at these types of issues and how things have gotten distorted and confusing between men and women. Perhaps we are looking for something in the other person that is really already in ourselves.

  3. Barry Galison

    I liked the part of the BS and how it’s part of us.

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