Goddess Confused

I recognize how difficult it is for you my Goddess of Wisdom to be wise. How the child’s voices of fear and pain ricochet off the walls in every direction, distracting and creating confusion and turmoil. I see how hard it is to stand and be wise in this environment. It is easier to run or pretend, head in the sand, then it is to stand tall and strong.

Added to this the Gods of Love, men have turned off their hearts, their emotions and do the unthinkable. They do this out of the fear of being hurt. Your confusing reactions, the childish beliefs you retain and respond to, the childish demands or the walking away without turning back, creates emotional turmoil for them, this feeds their fears and distrust.

Have courage my dear; draw it up, make friends with it and use it. This is your positive male energy. Then men will trust your wisdom and respect it. Then they can love you as the Gods of Love, as it will now be safe.

Voices speak at you from every direction

Advising new strategies

Twisted plots and plans

Defending against the imagined or real?

They lead you down the same empty road

To the safety of nowhere

A shallow birdbath

Better than somewhere

An ocean of emotion

Here you can be hurt

Enough of that you say

Safety and security is what matters

So what if it is a shallow pond

A pretty illusion of love

A passing fancy

Where is the wisdom in that?

No time for that you say,

you’ve just chipped a nail?

For my Daughters

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