The Vick–tims of Michael Vick

Victims come in all sizes and shapes, for example: dogs, the public’s trust, and even manhood. Yes, manhood. Why? Because major sports figures are regards as heroes and role models to many, especially our youth. That dog fighting is illegal, immoral, and just plain repulsive is clear, but it is more than that. This speaks to the “dog eat dog” (pun intended) mentality that has become so fashionable, as ghetto thinking penetrates our consciousness and is seen as a normative behavioral models. Just as women are referred to as bitches, clearly disrespecting the feminine and the masculine itself, for the masculine to promote dog-fighting degrades masculinity. The masculine is heroic, not barbaric, loving and courageous, not gluttonous and cowardly. Vick has no clue how to be a man, just a macho, unfeeling brute. The shame of it is many look up to him and may try and emulate the act itself, or at least be a macho, unfeeling animal.

Yes, we have within us the animal. We can be the Gods of the Barbaric. This must not be propagated as the only or correct model. We are the Gods of Love and as such we must balance our base animal selves with our divine. That’s what makes us human, this ability to contain both and be something greater than another disconnected animal. Michael Vick, shame on you. You rate a “0” on the masculinity scale.

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