“Terminally Ill Denied Right to Untried Drugs”

That was the headline on 8/8/07 in the Sun-Sentinel, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Newspaper. This article refers to a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The opinion of the majority voiced by Judge Thomas B. Griffith is a s follows: “Terminally ill patient desperately need curative treatment, their [imminent] deaths can certainly be hastened by the use of a potentially toxic drug with no proven benefit.” HELLO – which part of terminally ill did they not understand? Voicing dissent for the minority was Judge Judith W. Rodgers, who said “the right to save ones own life is left out in the cold despite its textual anchor in the right to life.”

How is this possible??? Simple – lawyers/judges often are disconnected from their hearts, spending countless hours pondering mental legal questions. Their feelings and humanness are somehow forgotten. How can we as humans who have so many rights including the right to “control ones body even if it results in one’s own death…,” not have the right to experimental drugs that may give us a chance to survive a terminal illness?

This is clearly short-sighted, myopic thinking, which leaves out reason and wisdom. A computer if given existing laws would spit out the same response. This is not reasoning, on regurgitating. Garbage in, garbage out. Why do we need judges if we only wanted regurgitation? Because we are dealing with humans, requiring reasoning, and the law has lost sight of this. In fact the law is not designed or able to understand this at all.

We need a change and there are a lot of Judges that need to retire. But then what would they do? They most likely have no idea how to behave as a human being, only human machines. It is time for all to wake up.

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