Society’s Redefining of Men

Society is in the process of redefining the man as something more “sanitized, hairless, and shallow,” a domesticated work beast that has been neutered and dehorned. This is the feminized male, the so called “metrosexual.” Their “Mojo” has been distilled and bottled, controllable, and in pill form—only allowable to men when performing their “appropriate” servicing duties. Standing-at-attention, they reconfirm their masculinity—“see, I am a man.”

There is a lot more to a man than just standing-at-attention. But, of course, that is denied them for the most part. Deep inside men are starving, lonely, and unfulfilled no matter how much they have accumulated. They use distraction after distraction as a way of not having to connect with these inner feelings, which has the effect of further denying them the very things they desire, connection and fulfillment. Eventually, men run out of steam, the distractions are seen as useless illusions and seeing no other option they give up, depressed. They live out the remainder of their lives as lonely, shut-down old men.

Unfortunately, the connection to self, which is denied men by being labeled as “wrong,” creates shame. Why? Because all men have feelings no matter how deep they have repressed them. Have feelings that are “wrong” makes men feel they are wrong—the definition of shame. Yet, women say they want a feeling man, at least when it fits their needs.

Since men are shamed having feelings, this creates the fear of abandonment. “If others see I have feelings, they will not want me, and I will be abandoned.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. “Why try, what’s the use?”

Men-The Gods of Love resolves this dilemma for men and helps women understand men in a new light, and perhaps see how they unwittingly are participants.

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