The Masculine Imprisoned!

Men’s patriarchal (male as superior) training builds a mental prison for men’s feelings, the feminine part. This creates an inner struggle, a battle, as their heritage is to be the “Gods of Love.” And this “inner prison” requires huge amounts of emotional energy to maintain, resulting in the eventual loss of vitality and potency.

By denying men permission to connect to their feelings, we wound them deeply, handicapping them. The very source of their magnificence, their love, is denied them. It’s as if men’s hearts have been cut out, leaving them empty inside. They feel disconnected from themselves, their families, their work, the world, and God. Fulfillment escapes them no matter how much they accumulate.

Of course, this is to be expected, how can you connect to another, be a “god of love,” without feelings? How can you feel fulfilled without feelings? Separated from feelings we lose our ability to empathize, to be compassionate, to feel another’s pain or joy.

So first, it must become permissible for men to feel, but they have been taught to fear and distrust these as being dangerous and chaotic. However, these are the parts men so desperately need. We must change these lies we teach men to the truth about who they really are.

Men’s emotional energy, when blocked or channeled incorrectly, deprives them of their full potential as human beings. It specifically restricts their: inspirational abilities, clarity of vision, creativity, empathy and compassion. This further affects their ability to relate to others, and consequently, is a serious factor in relationship failures. Any chance of teamwork (relating in team) becomes remote when feelings are removed from the equation. It effects there work as well. Any limitation on one’s innate abilities lessens the whole.

The only solution for men is simple, recognize and discard the limiting lies taught them starting in childhood, reconnect to feelings, and regain the vitality and other lost qualities sacrificed for the patriarchy. Men will find vast improvements in all their relationships. And low and behold, become more creative and productive.

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