Who makes better friends, women or men?

First, we must understand that friendship has two components; one is an emotional (feeling) component, and the other a reasoning (thinking) component.

Relationships, such as friendship, requires connection, relating, feeling, compassion and empathy. These are the bailiwick of the feminine. It is no coincidence that women will have the most friends. By sheer quantity, women are the clear cut winners, that is, if this were a race. It’s not though, and the depth of the friendship, the deep abiding friendship, verses fair-weather friends, is also an important factor.

True friendship also requires honor, integrity, and courage, which are the bailiwick of the masculine. Now, certainly men have casual friendships, sports buddies and the like, but their true friends they will die for, as they will for family and country. Just ask a soldier or veteran. This is the stuff of deep abiding friendship.

The masculine, in order to be full beings must be allowed to use their feeling essence, their inner feminine energy that is part of all men.

The feminine, in order to be full beings must be allowed to use their thinking essence, their inner masculine energy that is part of all women.

Neither of these is truly balanced at presently. The precise mixture within each male or female is unique to each.

So the answer is really based upon what type and quantity of friends you want.

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