Whose Responsible?

Responsibility, a distasteful word that elicits feelings of guilt, is not taught in our society. We hire lawyers to “get us off,” that is, enable us to shirk our responsibilities for our actions. The right to a fair trial has been twisted into the right to get off – if we can afford it. Frequently talked about are politician who don’t tell the truth or take responsibility for their actions. No surprise here. The same holds true for our celebrities and sports figures. So why should we?

Should the mother of the Philadelphia youth that was planning a Columbine High School style attack been arrested for buying him the weapons (she was)? Should the parents of the actual Columbine High School shooters been arrested (they weren’t)? What about the Ohio student parents (not arrested), or the Virginia Tech murderer; should we have extradited his parents from Korea (are you kidding)? Or for that matter, what about the parents of John Hinckley, the person who shot and tried to kill President Reagan, should they be arrested? Is Monica Lewinski’s mother guilty of harboring evidence? What about the cop that planted the gloves that got OJ off, should he be held accountable?

The answer is, without question, YES! In the Ft. Myers area of Florida this year a 3 year old was murder by his mother’s live-in boyfriend. He was court ordered out of the house, but she let him back in. He was arrested. The mother was also arrested and charged with manslaughter. Last year, a 13 year old girl who was abused since the age of five, was again raped and died of the strangling her stepfather inflicted. She told her mother of the abuse, but the mother didn’t want to believe her. This second mother was not held responsible (FDLE there is still time).

Why are people not held accountable? Is it because our court system is too overloaded? Partially. Are the women that enable these crimes seen as victims themselves and therefore not thought to be accountable? Unfortunately, yes, but they are just as responsible. But we don’t hold them that way. Instead, we feel empathy for them, or just pity them the poor dears. Nonsense, their children’s actions are their responsibility, as are the actions of their paramours. The truth is that while they were choosing to ignore warnings, too distracted or busy to parent, too afraid to be alone, the deeds were done. This is a new level of responsibility I am speaking of, and it is a change in society’s thinking that I am propounding.

To be continued…

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