Grow or Die – The Law of Nature

Natural laws must be obeyed, there are no options. Gravity and light follows them and all of what we call nature follows them, naturally. We humans often attempt to swim upstream, against nature. We may perceive we are successful, that we have “gotten-over” on nature, but this is only temporary, natural laws always prevail. Life and death, expansion and inertia, growing and dying are all referring to this natural dance. And the great thing about them is that we can rest assured that we are part of them, a part of nature, and the universal power. Now, some in their mental arrogance will thumb their noses at nature. None can do it for long and all wind up exhausted and eventually dead anyway. It is like being angry at the wind. A more useful approach would be to learn how to sail, harness the wind, but not to fight it.

If you look at a seed, it grows till it flowers, produces its seeds, and then withers and dies. It has no argument with nature. It does its best. Humans however are a funny lot. They sometimes resist and argue against growth and change their whole lives. Often, when they are old and dying they wish they had not resisted, had done it differently. I acknowledge this resistance myself. I can see how I have looked for my “comfort zone.” Change, which is what growth always entails, was too uncomfortable I thought. I can now see that it was my resistance to the change that was uncomfortable and my laziness also contributed. Standing in a river resisting it takes energy. Now, try floating on it – much easier. That’s how one must live life. Grow with the flow, harness it, and use it to get you to where you want to go, or die younger, bitter, and exhausted.

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