The Masculine Imprisoned – Continued

Continued from the earlier blog entry:

When men imprison their feelings (feminine side) in walls built out of patriarchal (male as superior) stone, it creates a result most are unaware of.

It is a well know psychological principal that our inner landscape, or belief system, what goes on inside us, is always projected out onto our outer world. Our inner demons become outer ones. We will seek them out or create them were they did not exist. This is how we work.

Therefore, if men imprison their emotions because they’re told emotions are not to be trusted, are a sign of weakness, and are just plan wrong, men will seek to imprison or control their outer feeling world as well. Men will see the embodiment of feelings, women, in the same light their training has taught them see their feeling part. Naturally, they will attempt to control (imprison) women, or at least keep them at a distance, creating walls between them.

Worse still, men are taught, or inherently know, that it is their job to protect women. What better place to protect them, then locked behind castle walls? Walls that separate, damage both parties. Read more on this in Men-The Gods of Love. Click the book’s image in the right-hand column.

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