The Art of Man-Making, Not Deal Making

Man-making, the process by which we grow and train our men is an art, one that requires the balance in an artists eyes. A man is not a human looking computational device, to be programmed and then let loose on the world.

Human existence must be treated as the artistic expression of the whole being, not just the mind. A balance whole must be permitted and encouraged. Otherwise, it will all be about the art of the deal, without soul, feeling, or humanness. Yet, this is exactly what is being portrayed as men’s role model. The “collateral damage” to others mounts. Still, the “deal makers,” these gluttonous, soulless accumulators continue hoarding and never thinking they have enough. An artist knows when it is enough, the glutton just wants more, more.

Let life be art for you, feel it, engage it, and paint using all your brushes.

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