Male Bashing

If a man went into the wilderness, miles from civilization and any woman, and he spoke, would he still be wrong? Is this a cute joke, or just another reflection of how women make men wrong? Women are usually not as directly violent as men in their attacks. So men get the bad rep. But are women innocent? No, they just attack in more “socially acceptable” ways. Their weapons of choice: undermining, sabotaging, resisting, withholding, etc., are not seen as damaging. What people don’t realize is that “sticks and stones (male) can break you bones, but words (female) [may] destroy you.” A whole gamut of psychological issues arises out of the words of parents to their children. Then, the offending parent cries out in disbelief, “How could my child act that way.” They refuse to own the consequence of their actions.

Women berate men by calling them: clueless, stupid, animals, or Neanderthals (cavemen). Instead of supporting men’s growth, they actually block it. Making a child wrong lessens a child, we all know this, the same holds true with any human. Men also berate women to keep them controlled (usually to stave off the possibility of abandonment). Either way, lessening others always comes back to haunt us. For women, they see angry, resentful, uncaring men who are afraid of commitment, and only want to use them for sex. Could this be a trust issue? If so what causes it? This not to say men are innocent victims, they are not, but an eye for and eye thinking, leaves the whole world blind.

The recently popular sport of male bashing will only come back to haunt us all. It would be better to encourage men to express their feelings, rather then pushing them deeper into a locked-down protection mode don’t you think?

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