Politics and Treason

We have all watched our two main political parties jockey for position, while looking for every opportunity to belittle the other. OK, that’s the way things are done in politics. This is the “competitive model,” isn’t it? Where’s the problem?

Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary gives the following definition for TREASON: the betrayal of a trust; also TREACHERY: a violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence, further PERFIDY: the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal.

Often, this betrayal goes without notice. How is this possible? We’ve become numb to it. It is something within ourselves we are blind to. Often, it is disguised as competition, “business as usual,” or “that’s the way thing are done,” which makes it seem normal. These are rationalizations, cloud-like formations, political smoke ‘n’ mirrors.

When we “squash” the competition they are lessened. In the case of the American representative government model, those that get squashed are the people of the U.S. This can be likened to the right-hand shooting the left foot to spite the left side. The whole is injured, its life force flows out, yet the right side remains blind to its role, in fact, will blame the left side for the situation.

An example of this is the debacle with former U.S. President Clinton and his receiving of oral sex from his intern. I am not going to discuss the correctness of what he did. And interestingly, everyone ignores what she did (sending her stained dress to mother with instructions not to have it cleaned). What occurred is simply not anyone else business, accept his wife’s.

Unfortunately, his response lacked integrity and courage. He lied about what happened, instead of telling the special prosecutor to stay out of his personal affairs. He later claimed that what occurred was “not sex,” a disastrous claim as it has influenced young women, who are told its not really sex.

The attempt to impeach him was solely because he lied. His sexual needs have nothing to do with running the country and were not within the special prosecutor’s powers.

However, the Republican party and its prosecutor Ken Star, thought nothing of defacing and defaming the Presidency of the United States and lowering the standings of the U.S. in the eyes of the world, in order to “get a leg-up” on the Democrats. The world saw it as an airing of personal laundry; a subject more befitting the tabloids. The president’s sexuality is definitely not a congressional concern. How it was used and blown out of proportions was the scandalous part and it brought shame to the nation. But winning is all that matters, isn’t it, even if we all lose?

What possible beneficial outcome could this have for the Republicans? Did it influence the next elections that swung to the Republicans? Yes, but at what cost? The price tag was the shaming of this country, shooting the opposite foot – of the same whole. Just ask anyone not in the U.S. To them we looked like incompetent fools, we lost respect.

This is high treason, the betrayal of the U.S. in order to aggrandize the Republicans Party. They prostituted their morality, receiving the coinage of power as barter. Interesting as morality was, but no longer is, a believable platform of this party.

The democrats are getting even now with Republicans, again at the expense of the country by cutting funding to the bungled Iraq fiasco. This harms our soldiers, whose funding is being strangled as they risk their lives, and the U.S. as a whole. However, the democrats are delivering comeuppance to the Republicans, that’s business as usual. Revenge is sweet, or so they say, but again, who pays for it?

Recently, the National Democratic Party punished the Florida Democratic Party, which went along with Florida Republicans by moving up the date of Florida’s Democratic Primary. The NDP’s response was to disown its offspring, the Florida DP and its delegates from the National Convention. This denies all of Florida’s Democrats’ participation in the presidential nominating process. In order to hold power, they will shoot themselves in the foot. Brilliant!

This is the heartless patriarchal paradigm, the model that has infected most of this world for millennia. Narcissistic arrogance is the cause of our blindness to the damage we causes to others. This is the worship of vainglorious gluttony disguised as “business as usual.”

Perhaps it is time to recognize the course this narcissism, these self-consuming actions, really are taking us – mutually assured destruction. We can learn if we choose from a world history of this, Rome and countless others provide a clear warning. But then why should we be any different. Besides we’re busy, back to business as usual. This is the battle cry of inertia, the opposing force.

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  1. Mona Pellerin

    The cause of inertia: The elite make the rules; the middle-class enjoy comfortable lifestyles; and the poor struggle to survive. So who/where is the motivational forces to challenge Washington?

    The middle-class has the most power because they are the biggest consumers which drives this country. These people live in a fairy-tale world of nice homes, white-collar jobs with bonuses and perks, children go to private schools, children make all A’s, headed for ivy-league colleges and the mothers go to health clubs to stay young and beautiful!! Not a bad deal – however, they are indifferent to what is happening and somewhere along the way, coming up on the back side – the effects of a a wrecked system will hit home and shock them back to reality.

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