Valentine, Oh Valentine – What the heck do I get you?

This has become to me a much asked question. What should I get him or her. Most people are looking for a pat answer, like tickets to the ballet, or a hockey game. And the common gift theme is dinner and…

Well, I have a different take on it. I don’t recommend any specific gift for anyone, instead I teach that you already know the answer, and it is within. Here is where the problem occurs, by within I don’t mean what you want.

For example: a women buys a fantastic designer tie that is pink paisley. She then gives it to her lover and he response with a dull thanks that lacks conviction. What an ungrateful brute, right? Wrong! You forgot to see the person and the gift (tie) together within you, when picking it out. It turns out that he doesn’t like pink, or paisley and never wears ties, but you like all these things and want him to change AND LIKE IT!

Sorry, but self-focusing, while buying a gift for another won’t work. If you had looked within, felt the one you are buying the gift for and the gift together, then you can pair up gift and receiver easily.

The downside is that the hidden agendas you may be maintaining will have to be ignored, or discarded as they should be.

The process I described is actual – intimacy. It require one to step out of the box, of self, and look at the needs and wants of another.

If you are still stuck, then find out where they like to shop or what they like to do and get a gift card, but that is impersonal.

Good luck and Happy Valentines Day

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