What you believe, you perceive!

We are truly creators, what we create is literally our own realities. If our beliefs are aligned with our intentions, desires, and purpose, then all is well and we feel fulfilled and happy. Sadly, for most this is not the case. The good news is we are creators and can recreate our realities. The bad news is we must be willing to be responsible for what we have created. We must be fully honest with ourselves and what our underlying beliefs are. Only from this place can we recreate our worlds. This is not necessarily fun, in fact the renowned psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung, called this necessary looking at one’s shadow or dark side “the disagreeable part.” Let me take this further, many would rather die in misery, then look at their own inner darkness! Guess what, they do exactly that! Usually, they take others with them.

Now, if you look at your results, what is in your life with the viewpoint that it is all your creation, then you have the opportunity to change and evolve. At times it may feel “disagreeable” to be sure, but it is the only way to find fulfillment and happiness.

“The tree that would reach for the heavens, must sink its roots deep into the earth,” – Nietzsche.

There are “simple” steps for doing this, but don’t be fooled by the word simple, it will take your full commitment and courage to do them, but they are simple. Here they are:

  1. Summon up the courage to tell yourself the truth. If your life is fulfilling, you are not aligned with you, there is an inner war raging. All sides in this war must be seen with the light of consciousness. Why? Because they are all you. This requires there be no more distracting behaviors (addictions), no more denial, no more projections of these “disagreeable parts” onto others as though we were innocent, and no more lying to one’s self about one’s own motives and feelings. Most people stop here, find this unpleasant, and return to old behaviors. This is cowardice. Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, while expecting the outcome to be different and better. My version of this is – Insanity is not summoning up the courage to look at how one does things over and over again thinking things will change. Yes, this is insanity and our world is insane. We can end this insanity though, but we must start with ourselves. It’s simple.
  2. Do not resist these feelings and beliefs, own them. What you resist, persists and actually grows stronger because to resist them means you are continually feeding them your energy. By claiming them as your own without resistance, giving them as much attention as they need without judgment you effectively stop feeding them. Simple. This process may take minutes or months, but you will find they dissipate, lose their charge and therefore lose their power over you. This will change your life. If you find you are having difficulty with this, seek help, it is available and it is courageous not shameful to ask for help.
  3. Make new decisions about yourself and life. This is recreating your beliefs about yourself and life. This is not just telling yourself something, it is believing it with all your being. For example: instead of “sh-t happens” (a reflection of self-worth), how about wonderful fulfilling things happen and I am lovable and loved. The first part is de-energized by attention, and the second part is created and energize by intention. Simple!

The simple truism: “The truth shall set you free,” has never had a deeper meaning. Tell yourself and others the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God. Take that oath looking in the mirror and mean it. If you are with someone who you don’t choose to share something with, then just respectfully decline to tell them. That is your right and your truth, they may not like it, but stand your ground and you will be whole, in integrity with you. There is nothing more important. “Little white lies” grow into lies we tell ourselves and continue to grow into three-headed monsters – within.

Its all about the truth – simple!

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