Ethics & Loyalty

The Politics of Street Gangs, Corporations, and Others

Loyalty is defined as: the quality or state of being loyal; a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to somebody or something. Allegiance, trustworthiness, fidelity, devotion, and dependability are some of the synonyms for it. Isn’t it interesting how “free market” street gangs, political gangs (parties), Wall Street gangs (corps) are so similar? They defend their causes at all cost without considering the consequences their actions have on others. To disagree is considered disloyal and may cost you your livelihood, or life. Loyalty to country (nationalism) has similar behaviors patterns, as do religions. If you speak out against your government, you will have consequences that vary country to country, being accused of disloyalty, or in some countries treason. The Catholic Church had its inquisition and Iron Maiden for those that disagreed. The Muslim word beheads you for the same, all in the name of God.

Ethics are moral principles that govern appropriate conduct. It is interesting that these terms, ethics and loyalty can be applied from two such differing viewpoints. One produces behaviors that reflect the ego-centric view; the other reflects a world view. Ego-centric examples are the street gangs wearing the gang uniforms (colors/tattoos), selling its products (drugs) without conscience, demanding gang loyalty, silencing those that oppose or are disloyal, and other gang-related activities. These are exactly the same as the corporate gangs on Wall Street (WS), wearing gang colors (suits), selling its products (worthless subprime mortgage backed securities), silencing those that oppose or are disloyal, and other WS gang related activities. From their point of view ethics are principals of free market anarchy, anything goes if we win! Winning of course is measure by the wealth created, bottom-line thinking. Neither gang gives the slightest thought to the consequences others reap from their actions. Religions can act similarly, as can a country’s government. In the last two presidential terms the Republican Party displayed this ego-centric, me, me, me thinking. Those in the upper echelons were enriched, the rest of us were en-robbed. The gang leaders got the bulk, though severance packages for the street gang leaders (lead) are nowhere near as good as WS and other corporate gangs (gold).

OK, so let’s look at the natural/world-view of ethics and loyalty. By world-view I simply mean where ones decisions include the world. An easy example is a big industry that has been pouring toxic waste into a river (ego-centric), waking up (for whatever reason) and changing its operations so as not to pollute; being a good corporate citizen. Simple, right? They learn how to create a “greener operation,” perhaps even make money off of the new technology. And they see the long term costs of the old way on people’s health, the environment, and the world. My local drycleaner just switched its cleaning chemicals from toxic to green ones. This is a great development for that industry. Not long ago demand for this was nil, now there is awareness and demand. The industry rose up to meet the need. Fuel efficient cars, solar energy, wind driven energy are all being created by the demand. These industries did not try to hard in the past to educate and offer these products. But that was not profitable in the near term, and the ego-centric view does not allow for this. This would have been a world view if they had. And we would have been at the forefront, instead of playing catch-up.

Now, let’s apply the natural/world view model to the ego-centric model. Without question unadulterated greed would have to be seen for what it is. It is clearly ego-centric. This is the Midas syndrome everything they touch, including what they love, turns to gold. Nothing wrong with gold, but trading everything for it? This is so short sighted. Just look at our economy at the moment teetering on depression. This is the results of the ego-centric view. The parasitic “free market” played out, sapping even the parasites. That’s how nature (an aspect of spirit) does it. If the species cannot control itself, it winds up decimating itself. What I am writing about is balance, the natural law of all things seeking equilibrium. This is not possible with the ego-centric model. Some species self-balance naturally, some not. Then, the natural law steps in and this activates boundaries, creating limiting actions usually more painful then self-imposed limits. Otherwise, what will occur is gluttonous anarchy. Viruses are great examples of this. They grow and consume all till there is nothing left to consume, then die-off.

So what I am actually speaking of is a new world view of proper gang behavior. Yes, you can care about your fellow members and the gang’s objectives. No, you can’t do this to the exclusion of all else, especially your own inner integrity that contained within your spirit. This is the big change in our awareness. Your inner knowing must be recognized and considered. This is the feminine energy within men that they are denied by our present mind-set. My book, Men-The Gods of Love addresses this very issue. And yes, all this requires that we create new thinking pathways, how to balance ego and spirit, corporate bottom line needs with corporate citizenship needs. Luckily, all it takes is the intention and appropriate action to shift our thinking.

I am speaking of responsibility, ethics of the soul, ego, team (gang) in a paradoxical paradigm, where all are true at once. Equal, but different, with long term global considerations that include the group good as the norm.

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