Finding the Missing Pieces

Reconnecting Life, Business, and Family

What’s missing in life that nobody seem to be able to understand?  The evidence that something’s amiss, abounds in every aspect of life from: economic disaster, relationship disaster, loneliness, addiction, poverty, greed, and a general state of manic depression that seem pervasive.  What is going on, what’s missing, and most importantly, WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?

I am going to start with the current business model, but it applies to all aspects of life. What’s missing is the human factor. Specifically, the feeling and emoting part that sets us apart from machines. Yet, the role model of the fearless and hence feeling-less warrior is what we look for in leaders. Driven, egocentric terminators bent on increasing the bottom line. You think I jest? You call the bankers that sold-out their stockholders making loans that shouldn’t have been made, while reaping huge bonuses, or the Wall Street pimps of packaged worthless loans as anything but this idea. How about Madoff, who took fifty billion of people’s money without a lick of concern for them? He’s another clear example. So what is missing in the model that would allow these actions?

How about an ancient story? There once was a man would wanted all the wealth of the world (alright, there were many), but this one received a “wish.” Everything he touched turn to platinum, or was it gold? Let’s use gold. He would send his minions to the bazaar and have worthless trinkets brought to him, and he would package them in such a way that they turned to gold. He did that with everything, a true alchemist. His camel became gold, his minions, his home and everything in it. But the gift kept on giving, not a cash cow, a golden cow. His food and drink became gold as it touched his lips. He started to starve in his opulence, as did all in his household. Then, his daughter whom he loved more than anything saw his misery and ran into his arms to comfort him. Yep, she turned to gold too. But he had his gold that he wished for. Now what was he to do, something was amiss from his wish. He left out something. The human factor, which includes: feelings, caring, concern, partnership, relationship. The only relationship he had was with the bottom-line of how much gold he could “win” in this game of life. After all, “he who dies with the most golden toys, wins,” right?

OK, that this is the current business model should be of no surprise. We see people acting like money making machines-and want to hire or be like them. We forget that they come first in the model and maybe the company is second. The machine is not concerned with anything other than its programmed goal. Forget about the cogs in the wheel, the employees, stockholders, customers, and the general public. Politicians and the political parties do the same, so do street gangs. And to some degree, so do most of us. Egocentric thinking is not the exclusive domain of the wealthy, they just exploit it better. And we are all left starving. If this is the “end of days,” God needs do nothing, we do it to ourselves.

Can you imagine an alternative way of being where in the corporate boardrooms the concern for everyone and thing (environment) was always part of the process? Not the only part of the boardroom talk, but a part. Can you imagine boardroom talk about the emotional impact on everyone, even the effects of the economy on their employee’s relationships, and how they could help?

“I have a dream.” That all men and women can come together, communicate their true feelings, care and support each other, while creating a much great level of success then ever dreamed of in every type of relationships. Some will think I am crazy. What do you think?

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