The Fort Hood shooting was just the beginning. There was a planned mall-shooting in Massachusetts that was foiled by authorities. But guaranteed the Jihadists will be bringing their flavor of insanity to our doorsteps. The shooter at Fort Hood may have been a sleeper agent, or maybe just following the extremist dictates of the suicide attacks he championed. And NO, Iran’s nuclear enrichment program is not for peaceful purposes. Keep reading; don’t put your heads back in the sand. All that does is leave your posterior exposed.

How is this insanity possible, how could they do such a think you ask? These are the very folks that send in their children to act as suicide bombers in the name of a loving G-D. They have SAID REPEATEDLY that their only intent is to create WAR against what they call the great Satan: the U.S. and Israel. And they believe it their G-D given heritage to rule the world and kill anyone that disagrees (remember Hitler). But we think them petulant children that through talking will come to their senses. Who is crazy, them for their plans, or us for entertaining their lies about peaceful intentions? If you think this unrealistic, start learning Muslim prayers, they plan for you to need it.

We do not understand their way of thinking. We project our belief system onto them. They must want peace, right? Wrong, and dead wrong is what we will be if we don’t decisively act now. They see talking as our weakness and use this “talking time” to build their weapons and make plans for our destruction. They have said this, but we didn’t listen. So when they say, “let’s talk,” we listen only because it is what we want to hear. It has nothing to do with reality.

NOTE TO MUSLIMS WORLDWIDE: I must give a strong warning to the average moderate peace loving Muslim. Look to Germany in the 1920-30s. An extremist named Adolf Hitler preached superiority and arrogance, but was not taken seriously. That is, not until it was too late for the German people who were forced at the point of a gun to join in or die. And tens of millions died in WWII because he wasn’t taken seriously. You look the other way at these Imams and Mullahs that are preaching our destruction. You think they are just venting their anger and will go away and all will be OK? The Nazis proved otherwise and you will be sucked into their insanity, like it or not. So rise up now and stop them. Otherwise you will be seen as part of the problem. This process has clearly already started. Please stop it now before it is too late. I don’t want mass extinction, yet that seems inevitable unless we all wake up. Yes, I am saying do all that is necessary to put an end to these agents of the trickster (Satan). They cannot be reasoned with.

Let’s go back to where the problem started. President Jimmy Carter’s misguided “weak loving” intent to talk. He allowed Iran’s take-over of US sovereign territory, our embassy, decades ago and the ensuing hostage situation lasted for 444 days. What it showed the Jihadists is that we are weak. They can spit in our faces, dishonor us, ignore international laws, and all we will do is talk about it. Allow me to draw a parallel, as a parent I understand that talking to my children is very important, but there comes a time where a good whack on their posteriors is needed. We can look around the country and see kids out of control, who never received the loving guidance they needed. Tough love is what I am speaking of. If not guided they join gangs, do ridiculous things that cross all boundaries, because we failed to guide them or set boundaries as parents. Tough love is not fun, easy, or pleasant, but is an important part of love. Unfortunately, tough love has been labeled politically incorrect. The Jihadists needed the same guidance on an adult level. We are now past that point, but no one in government has the stomach for what is needed.

Two things must be done now or the death toll will be in the millions. Yes, I said millions!

First, bomb repeatedly all the sites where uranium enrichment plants have been built in Iran. Bush didn’t have the stomach; Obama wants to talk them to death like Carter. Europe has consistently shown its lack of stomach and sold Iran the technology to create these weapons in the first place.  Before WWII the Europeans even agreed to sacrifice whole countries like Poland hoping to stave of the inevitable. Death was the outcome. That devouring monster is rolling again, but we don’t want to get involved, even when we are told we are the targets; we bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. Health-care is Obama’s focus, what’s the sense if most are dead? Talking with rabid monsters only legitimizes them. But the big thing we can’t seem to fathom is they are taught that dying for the cause brings them rewards in heaven. Blow yourself and others up for the cause and you will be rewarded for eternity is their lie, a dangerous lie.

The second thing is simple. It would have ended the war in Iraq years ago, but everyone is afraid of Jihad, which IS coming anyway. We know who the people are that promote these actions. They hide behind their robes as clerics, men of G-D they proclaim. Men-of-Satan is their true title and they must be stopped, dead. Nothing short of this will work. The Muslims understand force and they see how weak we are. Our soldiers pay the price and we have started too also. And more is coming! Talking does not work with arrogant extremists, who believe they know G-D’s wishes. We are afraid to bomb Mosques, yet these are used as recruitment and operation centers, bases and storage depots for their terrorist activities. They use hospitals and ambulances for these ends too. We can’t understand this because our minds have been blinded by our attempts at political correctness. This is a cancer that is spreading and will kill us, that is it’s intent.

Words for the Martyrs of the Jihad: The trickster is guiding you and your arrogance is your downfall. He will not keep his word, read the Koran, Abraham 14:22. You WILL get your seventy-two servile virgins. But they will be virgin swine and you will service them for eternity in the fires of hell. That is what the trickster will deliver to the fools that follow his trickery.

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  1. Evin Daly

    Well said David. You’re absolutely right, Carter set us up for this all those years ago. With our need to talk we hand the enemy the weapon with which to beat us. 9/11 should have been an ample demonstration of what a one enemy is capable of with determination, a handful of fanatics and money. Unfortunately should these jihads get their hands on a nuke, there will be no second chances; no clearing up, no memorials, no lessons to be learned. It’s permanent destruction on an unprecedented scale and it’s scarily close. Iran flaunts it intentions in our faces and we do nothing – makes me sick.

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