Tiger Woods’ 9 Hoe’s of Golf

Depending on how he likes to play, this could be The Back 9. Of course, I am referring to the recently disclosed nine “mistresses” Tiger has collected. And there will be more. But when is enough, enough? And what was Tiger thinking and where are his morals and integrity? So many questions, so little time. But let’s take a swing at it.

Tiger Woods is a celebrity with too much power and it went to his head. He fits the pattern of men disconnected from their feeling to the point that for them there is never enough. Why? because men can’t feel fulfillment. This is their training and they remain empty inside searching for the next momentary high to fill the void, like the addict they’ve become. In his case, sex addict. And honor among addicts, obviously not. Sacred vows, just words. And worse, he is teaching a whole generation who look up to him as a role model to dishonor themselves. His response, trying to buy his wife’s loyalty, and hiding from the media. By shirking responsibility, he is setting in stone his disregard for honor and integrity. Certainly, Tiger’s role model images has gone down in flames, probably with his marriage.

There are many reasons men cheat (see my previous blog entry – Why Men Cheat for a more in-depth look at this topic). Athletes, celebrities, and people in power have another temptation. They are constantly bombarded by women throwing themselves at them. They are on the road a lot, and it has become normative to accept the solace offered so abundantly. In no way does this make it OK to be out of integrity, dishonoring yourself and your spouse by not keeping your word. Perhaps it explains it to some extent though, without making it correct.

Tiger you better get back to the actual game of golf and being a husband, or be honest, get divorced and partake of the abundance of women that want a sloppy piece of celebrity.

Now, in Tiger’s situation, as in all the cheaters the media has focused on, there is one thing in common, the women. Why are they never really discussed? They profit from their encounters as mistresses – read that whores. But no one seems to think this is abnormal. I think it a sad state of femininity that women will so readily sell out their married sister, without the slightest regret. And they do it so calculatingly. Monica sent home to Mother her semen stained dress, doesn’t every girl do this? And Momma kept it. I’ll bet they still have it. Tiger’s Hoes are looking to cash-in on their saved voice mails, text messages, etc. I am surprised not one of them has come forward with their saved “hard evidence,” like Monica had. I am sure one of them has it. No question, he was the married one, shame on him. But even when married women cheat, a lot. Somehow its not nearly as big a deal. It is as though it is either unimportant that women do this, or accepted as the norm, almost expected. I will leave this up to you to think about, but it does still take two to tango.

Last thought, I just heard about another former lover from prior to his marriage. She is trying to protect her identity. She dumped the Woodsman awhile back when she heard through the media that he got married. Kudos to her, an honest woman in a sea of dishonesty. I wish she would come forward so we could have a role model for women.

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  1. LC

    If you know that a man is married, why on earth are you sleeping with him? This is completely despicable, horrendous behavior. If these women didn’t throw themselves at him, it would be a lot easier to remain faithful. What goes around, comes around. When these women decide to settle down, there will be some stupid bimbo who will sleep with their husbands with the rationalization that he’s the one who is married, not me. Honor is not negotiable at any time in your life. If you know a man is married, move on and find one who isn’t! There is no excuse for being a home-wrecker. How do you think Elin Woods feels to find out that her marriage was a complete sham, and hopefully she has no diseases from this evil man and his whores? Those kids could have been BORN with HIV thanks to their philandering father and these awful excuses for women. It’s time to stop the madness and start acting like humans, not animals!!!!!!

  2. Lauren Cosby

    Man, tiger you are toast.

  3. Lonnie Limmer

    Tiger Woods boils down to why he doesn’t like black women.

  4. America Mendes

    If the nosy news paper and televisions people would write about themselves and start telling what their lives consist of the Wood?s could get back to normal status. The newspaper, television, and camera people need to be locked up for writing hearsay and being copy cats.

  5. jackqueline

    I agree that the image we all have of Tiger is a good guy. I hope that is what is real, and not just perceived. I was married to a psychopath for 14 yrs. People that saw him daily would swear on their lives he was the nicest guy you?d ever want to meet. IOW, no one REALLY ever knows what goes on behind closed doors. Trust me on this. I hope it turns out this was just a typical pissy holiday arguement. They have children.

  6. Watcher

    I haven?t read all the comments, so perhaps this has already been remarked upon, however, does it not strike anyone as surprising that Tiger, worth a shitload of money and who is arguably the most recognizable athlete in the world, would drive around in a vehicle that did not have bullet proof glass? (or in this case, 3 iron proof)

  7. Molly

    For those who say, just leave him alone, it sounds like it was a little more than a domestic dispute. That is why the police are involved. I just hope that this will be a one time event that will fade into the public memory.

  8. Carroll B. Merriman

    LOVE YOUR LIFE – No matter how much money he has, I’ll bet Tiger Woods would LOOOOOOOVE to trade places with every single one us right now!

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