New Years Resolutions, Premeditate Failures?

It’s that time of year where we all succumb to the parlor game called, “Name That Resolution.” The rest of the year we are busy distracting ourselves with a myriad of structures we’ve created like: over-work, family to the exclusion of all else, over-sexuality, drugs, alcohol, over-eating, smoking, etc. These are just some of our addictions. All addictions are distractions from feelings. We took them on because we were unable or unwilling to deal with the underlying feelings, which we subsequently repressed into our “shadows.”

Then, along comes the “holidays.” It includes too much time to feel those annoying repressed feelings, and of course, we have our families, or the lack of them, to bring up those feelings. All of a sudden we are faced with our inner and outer issues, yuck. So our answer is a resolution to fix it. Magically, the issues we’ve spent years developing, along with the repressed underlying feelings, will just disappear. Poof!!!

Ok, back to reality, its not going to happen. All these resolutions were intended to increase our self-esteem. So we create illusions that ninety percent will fail to achieve. Worse yet, failing to live up to the promises we make to ourselves, lying to ourselves, will lower our self-esteem. Shakespeare said, “To thy own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” If you are not true to yourself, you will never feel all is OK, and there will be no peace within. You will continue to lie to yourself and others, make excuses for them, and remain unfulfilled. The truth is that important.

Now, I am not saying all affirmations are destructive, but poorly thought out, off-the-cuff ones are. And if you are trying to fix an addictive behavior you must be ready, willing, able, and committed to looking at the underlying issues, covered by these addictions, which were selected by you. Otherwise, just have a great New Years and play some other parlor game. Blessings on your New Year no matter what you choose, but I recommend choosing the truth.

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