John Woods, Tiger Edwards

Is it them or me that is mixed-up? It’s painful to watch them shoot themselves in the foot. And there are so many others like them. Distracting sex addiction run rampant leaving a path of broken vows, collateral damage, and self-destruction. Horrifying! I have spoken about men being taught to replace emotions with sex in the previous article, Why Men Cheat, which becomes their addictions. Women know and use this all the time as part of their addictions to attention and material desires. Men seeing this, know women can be bought with ease, and buy they do. Most of our presidents have “partaken,” to the point we should be honest and open an Office of Presidential Satisfaction. The line for applicants would stretch for blocks with a unending supply of new faces. I want my president happily satisfied. Political marriages are obviously not satisfying, and even if they were, which they’re not, would the men resist the pussycats thrown in their faces? Should they?

Just as horrifying is the long list of willing whores who “diss” their sisters, attempt to steal other’s men away, or at least use them for their own aggrandizement, irrespective of the damage it causes. What are we coming to? A society of whores, male and female, political, media, banking, Wall Street, legal, religious. Anything for a buck, or is a Yuen? “Who cares as long as I’ve got it.”

We all play a part. Through the lies that we swear to thing we know are not true trying to create saleable illusions. We have become a world of self-involved liars wanting immediate gratification at any cost, to others that is. We laugh at and feel superior to those whose lies have been exposed, but continue to turn a blind eye to our own. So the answer is simple – Live in the Truth. Um, simple? Easier said then done is more like it. So what will it take to affect this shift in humankind’s consciousness?

Humanity must agree to the truth, the whole truth, so help us God. No, governmental leaders are not immune, nor corporate or religious leaders either, nobody is. All must agree to mutually supporting the truth by demanding the truth, being truthful, and being willing to call a lie, a lie, even if it is your boss. That takes huge courage and must be supported by others and rewarded by the organizations. Whistle blower being honored, can you imagine that? The darkness of gluttony is a lie to our souls. It means doing anything to accumulate, without an iota of care for others. Let it trickle down (my leg) to them. Of course, we must strangle them off first, so they will accept the trickling. That process is well under way today. Inside, the gluttons know this subterfuge, and those being trickled know it too. Those addicted to gluttony try to accumulate more to stave off guilt. That is the nature of addiction. We are all rushing into the depths of hell. Nobody can stop us; it is our right to self-destruction. That’s what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. Animals aren’t as sophisticated, or stupid. Somehow we see this anarchy as freedom. Just another word for nothing left to lose. Insanity.

Look at Edward’s former campaign aide who was willing to lie and take responsibility for fathering Edward’s child, but who quickly saw the dollar signs on the wall and wrote a book about the lies that he was an accomplice to. And then there is the videographer. This was not a teenager who doesn’t know about birth control, this is a forty something manipulative gold-digging whore, plain and simple. She announced with glee how Edwards wanted to see her, but had to stop because his wife found out she was dying of cancer, “but he wanted me!” And she trapped him by becoming and staying pregnant. This dark manipulative aspect of the feminine gets ignored. These behaviors are accepted as normative in women! What the hell is going on, what are we thinking! Besides, it is always men’s fault. It is all too disgusting for words, yet people lap this sort of “news” up. If they judge it in others they can pretend it is not in them. Au contraire.

Rome is collapsing; yet we only care about our next gluttonous eating binge, trip to the vomitorium, then on to the orgy. The slaves won’t mind. Who cares if they do anyway?

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Restated, this principal psychologically is: those that fail to look at their inner history, their shadows or darkside, are doomed to repeat it. We need to stop blaming the other gender and fix our own ugliness. The purpose of my books: Men – The Gods of Love, and the just released Women – The Goddesses of Wisdom is to help you do just that. What in you stops you from reading them?

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