Elin to Sue Tiger’s Hoes

OMG, did my ears really hear the demands for an apology from one of Tiger’s hoe’s, promulgated to the public by another type of hoe (attorney Allred)? Seriously? Yes, but my mind refuses to fully believe it. Somehow, someway, these two partners in crime (extortion) believe that it is perfectly acceptable for women to throw themselves at married men without an iota of consideration for the damages it causes to his wife and family, and then demand an apology. Is there something wrong with me that I can’t understand this, or is this just too insane and outrageous for words?

We have a seemingly unending supply of women willing to throw themselves at famous powerful married men, without the slightest consideration for their families. All they want is a piece of fame, “I did it with him,” and maybe I can make some money off it too. Clearly, the men are without question out of integrity for breaking their vows. They could have chosen to say, no thank you, instead of, yah baby. Both are responsible, both at fault, as it still takes ‘two to tango.’ However, enough has been said against the men, as it is always the man’s fault.  And their hoes, well I have said a lot in previous blog articles like ‘Are Women Innocent?’ Both are self-involved and narcissistic. Clearly.

What I want to know is why is the behaviors of these hoes so acceptable, at least from the standpoint that there is little coverage and condemnation against them? Their behaviors were and are outrageous and they know it. They acted like hoes, but don’t want to accept the consequences of their actions. “I’m not a hoe!” they declare, “I was in love.” Liar, liar, pants on fire! The only thing these material girls love is what they get, “show me the money, honey.” But obviously self-delusions are the M.O. for these women, and for the men like Tiger Woods who feel the rules, like integrity, don’t apply to them.

The only innocents here are Elin and her children. They are the ones that were damaged, not the hoes. She should be suing these hoes for wrongful interference with a legal (and a sacred) relationship. Yet, we have legal hoes demanding an apology for their hoe clients, obviously to gain themselves publicity and payouts for all. In my opinion, Elin should sue this attorney also for extortion and frivolous lawsuits, or threats of them, not to mention public embarrassment and emotional stress.

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  1. Rex Granahan

    Tiger Woods certainly does talk a great game as part of his press meeting regarding being far more respectful to the game of golf, however his activities spoke much louder than his words once he missed the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Woods could have generated a huge amount of good will by participating in this particular tournament. Arnie would likely have prepared everything which he could have that can help show Tiger in the best light, but instead Tiger chooses to write off the legends from the sport to do his own thing. All the best with the Masters, Mister Woods. Great job towards Ernie Els, and also I am hoping you do incredibly well in Augusta.

  2. Fulen Wider

    Lets face it, the PGA is no different than the ladies Tiger has dated since his wedding. They want him back as bad as Tiger wanted one last fling. That is, before he got caught.

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