Men, Priests, and the Trinity

We have all heard that Divine ‘Grace’ is presently transforming the damage caused by the distorted actions of certain Priests of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). I am writing about Pedophilia. That the problem was covered up for years is unquestionable. The Pope has even made mention of issues needing addressing, but will not address it directly. How has all this come to pass by those sworn into Divine Service?

Celibacy is the culprit. It is the arrogant denial of the divine’s creation. It declares “we know better then the Divine as to what is good and what is not.” One may choose to withdraw temporarily from sex to clear misconceptions, hurts, and pain. But to make it wrong and shameful is missing the mark (sin).

There is simply no reason for the requirement of celibacy. It didn’t exist for over one-thousand-years, and became the rule of the RCC in 1139 CE. It was a rule they manufactured as ordered by the Pope at that time that had two purposes: One, was to assure that all property owned by its clergy was to remand into the possession of the RCC upon their death; Two, there may have been improper use by certain priests who would use their powers to obtain sexual services from parishioners in exchange for forgiveness of sins. “Say three Hail Mary’s and service me.” In fact misuse of sexual powers has been around since time began. But denial of sex actually causes the misuse of it. Instead, they would better serve the divine by teaching sacred sex. This is not likely to be taught by celibates, is it?

But the roots of this “make sex wrong” thinking goes back to even before the RCC’s formulation in 325CE. Its roots begin in the patriarchal thinking of the ancient world, of Paul, and others prior to him, promulgated by the RCC that to this day is incapable of recognizing the feminine part of the Divine. I am speaking of the “Father, Son and Holy Ghost,” the Trinity, the concept of which has been distort for millennia and has distorted its practitioners and followers. Mankind was created in the image of God. So agrees the doctrine of all the faiths that are the children of Abraham, and by many others. By reverse engineering the biological reality of father, mother and offspring; there is obviously the Divine Father and Divine Mother, who produce the Divine offspring. The RCC refuses to allow this obvious truism. “What, a Divine feminine aspect of God? No way!” They disguise her under a veil they have called the “Holy Ghost.”

Denying any aspect of one’s being twists the whole being. This “missing the mark” is the work of the Trickster, the Great Deceiver. This energy must be exorcised from the RCC, or it will continue to spread its twisted malady called pedophilia, sexual repression, and the twisted expression of sexuality. In fact the “sexual revolution” was antithesis of this twistedness. It made sex non-sacred. Sex is not wrong, and it must be see as sacred. It is the union of two souls. Male priests are men, they need to be men, and join with women on all levels. How can they (or we) ever find true communion if we reject what is obviously the Divine creation, male/female? It is true arrogance to defend this stance; this denial is a creation of the Great Deceiver. It is further promoted in the denial of priesthood for woman by the RCC. How can the divinely created feminine ever be anything but divine, and completely equal, and as divine as the masculine? That is God’s will, but there are those that in the arrogance of their minds think they know it better then that which Mother/Father God expressed.

Would these men that must reject the feminine to be celibate, not also need to reject their own natural, normal, divinely given sexuality? Anything rejected (repressed) moves into the shadow and will come up in a twisted form. This is a basic tenant of human psychology, and the buried aspects will be heard! The pedophile, or closet pedophile, and their enablers in the priesthood are all a product of this denial of wholeness. In my books (Men – The Gods of Love, and Women – The Goddesses of Wisdom) I speak directly how men and women are both taught to deny their inner opposite aspects and how this twists us all. Men have an inner feminine (feeling) aspect and women and inner masculine (thinking) aspect. This denial of part of self is the same principle at work on all of society as is perpetrated upon the priesthood. It is the shaming and denial of one’s wholeness. All our aspects are divine and must be honored as such. No man-made laws, or Papal dictates can invalidate God’s truth.

It is clearly time for the RCC, through its spokesperson, the Pope to dispense with this disease that has infected all our thinking. The feminine is divine and should be welcomed as such. Celibacy should be seen as the past mistake it is and discarded. And both sexes should be taught to honor their inner divine, not as something to be doled out by the RCC or any other religion that says it speaks for the Divine. Mother/Father God needs no mouthpiece, only the Trickster does.

Let the RCC recreate itself as teaching all to connect with their inherent divine essence, which is part of the greater divine. We were told, “you shall do as I do,” because we are made of the same stuff. All, including the RCC, must surrender to the divinity in everything, teach and encourage this, not hold itself arrogantly above those that will be denied Divine Grace, because they don’t subscribe to the churches version of the Divine. Arrogance denies Grace.

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