It’s a Crazy (Dissociated) World

There is not a soul who has not heard, if not thought that this is crazy world. It is, but why is this so?

First, what is “crazy,” what does it really mean, and what are the signs of it? The definition of crazy includes: mentally deranged; demented; insane; senseless; impractical; or totally unsound. To this I would add: being disconnected from reality; living in a fantasy world that may be hellacious or heavenly, but is nonetheless unreal. You can see this in people who are narcissistic, its all about them, or the negative narcissist who makes it all about everybody else, which is really about them in a negative way. Craziness shows up in people’s actions in which they may say or act in ways that are incongruent with their own statements or reality. Congruency, being in line with all aspects of self, is a key indicator. If a person doesn’t “walk their talk,” that is incongruent. This is crazy, but not what would be considered clinically crazy. Lies are a good indicator too. If you can’t tell the truth, that is crazy (pathological). Politicians, celebrities, bankers and Wall Streeters all have displayed their lack of empathy and consideration for others, told self-serving lies, and generally been incongruent in their behaviors except where their gluttony comes into play. This, they are heartlessly congruent about. Tiger Woods had an image that was not congruent with his reality. That is crazy and now has been labeled as sex addiction. It far more than that, it is an underlying incongruency with self.

Crazy doesn’t mean needing to be locked up; it is just not being in line with self. Einstein said that the definition of crazy was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The actions and resultants were incongruent (not in line) with one’s expectations.

Now, using the above understandings, would society in general not be classified as crazy? Nothing is in line with anything else; chaos reins supreme no matter how diligently the powers that be try to change, fix, or cover them up. They are still basing their actions on unsound thinking; the underlying incongruencies are still in place, and so the results remain constant. In fact, is our government not flip-flopping along diametrically opposed party lines, with its inherent corruption and oppositional views of reality.  What the country and world needs will never be resolved from diametric opposition, only union and partnership. What we have is simply a dynamically crazy system, easily manipulated, in our crazy world. Pitting one side against another, with no holds barred, creates the ripples of craziness that last for generations. One example of this is called unbridled capitalism. The opposite is communism/fascism. Neither works, though certainly having liberty is better than not; cooperative guidance is also needed, not unbridled anarchy, or rigid structure. In fact, perhaps the U.S. founding fathers got it wrong in creating polarity with the Bicameral Congress and two party systems. All one has to do to influence, read that control, an outcome is influence one side differently then normal, and the other side, which normally responds in a certain fashion, finds itself responding differently also. It changes the final composite. It also keeps everyone distracted in the battle, while the underlying agenda is accomplished, unnoticed.

In human terms, it affects the effect of the interaction. The dichotomy influenced the resultant. The results will be different and unexpected from those rigidly designed structures we all create, called our perception of our world and lives. I believe a trinity is better than a polarizing dichotomy. This way there will be a fluid ever-changing exchange of ideas. Rigid right or left thinking becomes unlikely and union, what is best for all is possible.

The so-called “battle-of-the-sexes” is another example of this craziness that affects every one of us. This is what my books are based on and seek to correct. In fact, I submit it is the underlying root disassociation for all others. We start out as children and immediately are brainwashed with the beliefs that parts of our  god-given essence is wrong, shameful. For men, it is feelings, the inner feminine energy, which is disallowed, starting with the admonition that “big boys don’t cry.” Men are then taught to replace all emotional needs with sex and expressions of anger. The roots of this and how it plays out, plus how to change all this are clearly spelled-out in my award-winning first book, Men –The Gods of Love.

Women are told, “don’t trouble your little mind, we men will handle it.” This tells a woman she is mentally not equal to men. This is of course nonsense. Add to that, she may see the masculine mental energy as being powerful, but also heartless. This would make it unattractive and further disconnect her from her masculine mental aspect. I have explained this clearly in my recently released second book Women – The Goddesses of Wisdom.

All right, so we have a picture of our crazy world as a dichotomy, the splitting in two of a whole, moving to opposing sides and importantly, making the other side wrong. If part of the world and ourselves is wrong, than the world must be wrong, read that crazy. This is the same principal for individuals, if part of us is wrong, then we must be wrong. That is called shame. Now, if we remain crazy, we are more easily influenced by certain techniques applied to either side, or both at once. Fear is certainly a technique used, and it has been applied with great success recently. We are being shaped into a world of grateful have nots and haves. Splitting these underclasses, us, into opposing forces, getting us to fight amongst ourselves is key. Then getting both sides to fear and blame each other for our crazy world, allows one a lot of leverage. We can see this in today’s world most clearly. Fear is rampant. People will give up rights, freedoms, and even their first-born to ward off the fear. Fear can only exist in polarity, where it exerts the most influence; it is impotent in union. Our corporations were just handed the keys to controlling this country through a recent Supreme Court ruling giving them the unlimited ability to pay-off and further corrupt our political system. This was in fact a revolution; the rich and powerful have now become far more powerful and dangerous. They will keep us distracted and in fear so they can control us, and horde more wealth. It will seem like an even crazier world, until we have given up all our rights to free thinking. But, there will be the illusion that we still have the right. Then, they will dictate order, read that safety and structure, and dole out what scraps we are to receive. And we will lap it up, thinking it is a safer, less crazy world. That is the most dangerous crazy scenario I can think of, and I am seeing it occur right before our eyes.

So what can we do? That is the question. Here is the answer, counter-revolution, taking back our power that we gave up, while looking at how our own greed and gluttony allowed this. This will not be pleasant, but is necessary if we are to retain any power. Bin-Laden was a distracting pawn, used successfully to create fear, so we would not notice how we were and are being raped. “I’ll give up anything to feel safe.” I hope it’s not too late. Awareness is the first step, second is the plan for correcting the situation, and third is taking action. I am not sure what that will look like. But clearly, Big Brother is the corporation, run by the wealthy that control them. Ah, but don’t worry, they will take care of you and your family. Enslave them is more like it. And they are well on their way to create this world of servitude to their greed and excesses.

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  1. kent norton

    According to the US Supreme Court ruling, “free speech” as in the constitution, extends to corporations also. Giant mega-businesses are now considered not only citizens but persons, although, corporations were always considered some sort of organic entity, for legal purposes. When our country was conceived, in the minds of the framers, no such animal existed or was dreamed of by anyone. Even Adam Smith, in The Wealth of Nations, the first book on the theory of capitalism were these type of business organizations touched upon. They seem to be the robots that take over the world, as in fiction of the 1950’s era when computers were just beginning their lives. Now corporate citizens” can grant unlimited amounts of money to political candidates or political parties; UNLIMITED $$$$$. Its true. The “crazy” person is a non-conformist, according to the cultural norms of his/her societal norms. The word’s origins stem from the period of 1325-75 and comes from Middle English meaning: to crush or shatter. If “big brother corps” and the like are to retain this power, we will all be crazy–meaning crushed, as well as our democratic free thinking type of government.

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