BigotHeart and the Fluffer

The new MEL GIBSON’s movie – maybe.

Well, it seems Mel Gibson has done it again, shot himself in the foot, or at least vomited on it. His latest drunken emotional tirade aimed at his wife has made headlines. His level of desperation seems to have increased as his reason decreases proportionally. His alcohol problem is long standing without a doubt. He has issues that probably stem back to childhood.  In this he is not alone; most of the world has such problems. His emotional state is being clearly further destabilized by his gold digging wife purposely. She wants custody of their child and all the riches she can take from him and make from the tabloids.

His handling of what has clearly become a crisis is counterproductive, at least for him. Alcohol, as any other addiction is a symptom of unresolved issues that are then projected onto others during his drunken tirade.  Thus, the cause of his feelings are assigned to others, “they are responsible for my feelings”, like Jews, Blacks, or Women in general. While we may not like the actions of others, we own our feelings and are responsible for them. This level of responsible ownership is difficult to stomach for many – Mel being one of them. He surely feels helpless in the face of loosing his child.

Real men aren’t supposed to feel helpless are they? So Mel blames it on Oksana and the system. While the system barely works and she surely is culpable of enflaming him, he uses alcohol to numb his pain rather than express it, cry, talk, etc. Nothing we numb goes away, it only festers. Then the alcohol releases the festered emotions in the form of emotional vomit. Mel is an example of this. Obviously this is not a healthy way to express ones emotions, and therefore, healing does not occur. Further, he causes more issues for himself by his aberrant behavior, like being investigated for abuse, which will lessen his standing as he fights for custody rights of his child. This also lessens self-esteem.  And all of these acting-out behaviors further fuel the fire of his inner turmoil. It is a vicious cycle being fueled by alcohol. Something we’ve seen before in others.

OK, so we’ve looked at Mel, but what about the wife? She has been given a restraining order that prohibited her from releasing her “secretly” recorded tapes. Somehow, unbeknownst and much to her dismay, they got released. She is shocked, shocked, just like Captain Renault in Casablanca.  Liar, liar, panties on fire.  Donald Trump who had met her, said she was a gold digger. She has played Mel well. She will come out with lots of money, her child, and she doesn’t have to fluff him anymore. She has won, and done great damage in the process, but is uncaring having lost her heart way back when. What’s a little more karma?

Because ‘nice girls don’t get angry,’ they learn to get what they want and get even. She is not the first to demonstrate this, or the last. But one of the pawns in their WWE match, called marriage, is the child. How will this affect her? What example does it reinforce? Certainly, this is not one of a wise, powerful and loving female. He certainly is not showing what a powerful and loving man can be either. And life goes on…

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