This article is a step-by-step outline on How To Create Killers. I am only outlining the steps already put in place – and in practice – by our society. You must understand that these steps must desensitize or disconnect the potential killer from his or her humanity and the methods are clearly designed to do just that. This article delves deep into society and the need for positive change, not knee-jerk quick fixes. We have nothing to fear but fear itself – and our reactions to it.

Step One – Games

  1. Video Games – Specifically those that are based in violence and killing others who are judged, perceived, labeled, or otherwise directed as the enemy that must be destroyed. This enemy will kill you (or your loved ones), eat you, or turn you into a zombie, so the “game” based in fear, that are training aids to turn you into a killing machine (zombie) first. Loss of humanness results.  These video games in particular are carefully aimed at our youth and have been for years. And they make money too. And let’s not forget the violent movies, which absolutely add to the mix of insanity. Parents must actively learn computer systems so they can determine if what their kids want to ingest is correct for them. Yes, that means spy on their computer activity if you must.
  2. War Games – Whether with boy dolls (toy soldiers), or “I’m king of the hill” type play, shooting the neighbor kid who is playing the enemy or maybe just being bullied, killing is portrayed as GOOD! And these kinds of games are portrayed as the makings of good soldiers. Loss of humanness results. Unfortunately, from the ranks of those bullied or feeling excluded come the sociopaths, who with video game type training aids become conscienceless shooters. But this is all good for business, the fear business, which the media exploits. And those referred to by our late President Dwight D. Eisenhower as the “Military Industrial Complex” (MIC) can sell more weapons.
  3. Fear Games/Scenarios – Fallout drills, bomb drills, “Terror Levels” promulgated by a government enable the controlling of humanity by fear. We become desensitized, a loss of humanness results.
  4. Dysfunctional families – single parent ones especially feed the violence disease, but fixing this costs effort and money. NO WAY will those that stand to profit share the loot. In fact they will create more fear that will further stress families to the breaking point, creating the need to kill using the assault weapons programed into the perpetrators by video games and movies who seek to release the fear and anger.
  5. Psychotropic Drugs – Many of the shooters have been prescribed these drugs. Their labels state that they may cause agitation or suicidal reactions. This is another contributing factor to the killer’s reactions.
  6. Parents – The question should also be raised as to the parents. Why are there weapons around troubled kids in the first place, why were they not secured, and why are the parents not being held liable for the offspring’s actions with weapons under their control?

So fear/killing games that desensitize the act of killing, along with bullying and a society more and more fearful and desensitized are root causes of these recent attacks. Not the guns themselves. Unfortunately, these guns are portrayed as the weapon of choice in the video games and “action” movies and therefore the first choice of a distorted mind. There are differences in these semi-automatic versions of assault rifles and that of hunting rifles.  First is the ammunition. They fire high velocity .223 rounds (5.56mil NATO rounds). In many states these are not legal for hunting. Their only use is for killing humans. The full assault weapons versions are automatic weapons that are well controlled and in the hands of the trained military/law enforcement. The reason these assault-like rifles are chosen may be a good reason to ban them. We basically can’t buy a tank, cannon, or automatic weapon (machine gun). The sale of look-a-likes weapons that fire military rounds might reasonably be prohibited, without impinging on the right to bear arms, which I fully support.

Step Two – Fear-Based Mind Control

This is a concerted effort by the MIC to created fear in order to justify all manner of moneymaking evils. Just sign over our constitutional rights (Homeland Security Act), bombard the population with fear base reports, alerts, possibilities, media hype, etc. And yes, the media has deeply consummated its relationship with the MIC and maybe jointly owned. After all, it is all about the money.

  1. Fear steeped events blown out of proportion. Perpetrators are given not just 15 minutes of fame, but a lot more. They actually attain superstar status. We have no need and should never know the perps names (see my previous blog article: fear-mongers-the-commercialization-of-tragedy). Our media has become outright prostitutes and will sell anything to further this end, including focusing attention on monsters to sell itself. We don’t need to know anything about them period, only when they are executed and even then they remain unnamed. Another crazy monster ignored and relegated to history is all they should be. In fact, the only name they should be referred to is monster.
  2. An example of this monstrous media behavior is the recent Newtown shooting. Without question a horrific event. It has been on the media for months of the monster’s psyche, family, etc., fills the airways. If there were some other newsworthy event concurrent, the media prostitutes would have dropped it. But as none have surfaced they will beat this dead horse further. Thereby glorifying the event in the eyes of others with like-twisted-minds, and creating fear in everyone else. Honor the dead, never mention the monsters name, were he lives, etc., and move on. The media could really do some good by true investigative reporting like how it plays a role in these events and what causes it (as per this article). Columbine became a template for behavior by being reported so heavily. The monsters were given the much crave attention. If they hadn’t been, I don’t believe the shooting would have been copied, as there was no stardom earned. This includes not naming the monsters like the ones that blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.


Object; call your TV stations, their advertisers, congressperson and demand they stop aggrandizing tragedy – and stop buying into the fear. Turn off the news. Make sure your hearts remain true. Oppose those that are the purveyors of this smut, the fear mongers who have the media as front lines troops fighting for the almighty advertising dollars. We are responsible for watching, not objecting, and by simply allowing it!


The following are examples of some MIC inspired events that create FEAR/killings/dysfunction/ unrest, but are oh so profitable:

  1. Military build-up based in fear. Remember President Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars program to combat the non-existent Soviet space missile treat. Instead of partnering with the greatest leader Russia has ever had, who offered complete reduction of many nuclear devices along with creating stronger economic bonds and peace, Reagan could only reject this and crush them economically. That left Russia struggling for balance and created a diseased state, when a great one of peace could have been created. He ignored history where in WWI we left Germany crushed, which built resentment, and created the Nazis and Hitler. After WWII we learned from our mistakes, created the Marshall Plan to make sure that Germany and Japan were left strong. They are our allies now. The MIC knows with strong allies there is no need for bigger expenditures on bigger militaries. So they get their bought and paid for lackeys in Congress and the government to by into the fear and purchase bigger Navies, missiles, planes and other expenditures, of course from them, in the name of national security.
  2. Wars – they’re good for business. Wannabe Cowboy and “War President” G.W. Bush ignored good intelligence specifically given at his August 9, 2001 briefing with heads of the CIA.  This briefing specifically warned of Muslim Extremists using airplanes as weapons to attack New York. What does the CIA know anyway! Bush sure wasn’t going to hear it and ruin his fishing, so he chose to ignore it, and was “shocked” when 9/11 occurred. He further lied and said if he had known, he would have taken steps to prevent it. HE KNEW! But these attacks were good for business. Just ask V.P. Chaney the former CEO of Halliburton, which is a sole source (name your own price/no competition) supplier and is still profiting off of the attacks. Manchurian Global in real life. Some of the other MIC contractors are: Lockheed Martin, EADS North America, BAE Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, SAIC and Northrop Grumman. They have profited handsomely by 9/11 and subsequent military actions. Funny, these actions were against Iraq, not Saudi Arabia were 15 of the 19 hijackers were from, along with Bin Laden. Oh that’s right, Saudi oil money and the Bush families are inseparable. What was I thinking?
  3. Creating wars based on known lies that inspire fear, like “weapons of mass destruction” that Hussein/Iraq did not have, which the G.W. Bush administration knew. But the truth was not about to stop them. In fact, Bush-ites, who should be jailed, attacked our own people: ambassadors, CIA agents and others who supplied us true and valid info (at the cost of some of their lives) that told Bush WMD’s did not exist. But Bush wanted to cowboy his way into fame as the “War President.” Lying moron is more like it. Of course, all the while making money for those that he and his family are to this day in bed with, the Saudi’s and the MIC.
  4. Fear driven legislation – “Homeland Security Act.” This act ostensibly was legislated to protect the U.S. supposedly by precluding our constitutional rights. Illegally perhaps, but the law exists and was signed by the congress who were too enmeshed in fear to say no to diminishing the very thing they are sworn to protect, our rights under the U.S. Constitution. They feared retribution, losing elections, backlash, being excluded, and may even have believed Bush was right, so they didn’t do their jobs to investigate and create something legal and valid. They just signed an illegal law literally created overnight that appears to have the authority to sign over our constitutional rights. Now that is scary.

In short, it is our society of lies and deceit, led buy amoral profiteers (unregulated Capitalists) that needs overhauling. In a family, the parents set the first example of “proper” behavior. Ours is so deeply amoral, self-involved and dysfunctional that if is near breakdown. Symptoms of this are the shooting. Quick fixes will not work, but all of us need to own how we have bought into, allowed, and maybe even wanted what we have created. And yes, doing nothing, convincing yourself that you are powerless to affect change is what creates it. Demand that our government bring back honor and integrity. Arrest the MIC criminals and stop worrying about reelection.

Temper the military to the level of threat. We don’t need a large expensive military, but a smaller terrorism focused forces.

And remember, a majority of NRA members favor some gun control. But unfortunately, the NRA spreads fear and is really nothing more than lobbyists and a sales force for the weapons manufacturers of MIC.

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