What’s Up With the Pope?

Many ask why did the Pope resign, was it really his health? NO, it was to protect the Church of Roman, to fall on his sword so to speak, so the Church won’t have to shoulder the responsibility for the years of reported child abuse he and the Church covered up. The now former Pope’s complicity has come to light and I expect this to grow. He maybe indicted, as he should be, along with the many perpetrators of the “horror.” His resignation will make it near impossible to indict the responsible party, The Roman Catholic Church. It has covered abuses of the clergy for centuries, but as it considers itself a country, agreed to by Mussolini in 1929, it is able to shake off and disown any such allegations based on the doctrine of sovereign immunity, which is not appropriate or legal in my opinion.

But why is sex abuse an issue to start with in “Men of God?” In the early days of the Church, when heterosexuality was allowed, the clergy abused it powers then too. “Say three Hail Marys’ and perform an act of sexual contrition – with me.” As the clergy married then too, it passed along Church property to the Priest’s heirs, the Church lost out. The Church decided that both issues could be resolved by ordering the clergy to forsake heterosexuality and marriage. Women and marriage was made wrong. They have continued to belittle women as wrong and the root of all carnal sexual desires – in men. Pope Gregory in 591ACE declared Mary Magdalene the prostitute of Luke and the woman of Lazarus’s time to be the same. This was repudiated in the last century, but its wronging of women continues.

Now, a small problem arose for the “celibate” clergy, erections continued and these needs sought an outlet, any outlet, at any cost. Hence, we have the sexual abuse of young boys by many of the clergy. How many we will never know as the Church covers it up.

I consider God to be literally a part of everything. As we are made in God’s image, men and women are equally correct and sexuality is normal and natural. It can become an addiction, like drugs, food, over exercising, etc., but it is inherently correct. So, for the Church in its arrogance to declare itself above God and to make God’s creations wrong is blasphemy, pure and simple. Have you noticed on the whole the LACK of this issue in other sects of religion where celibacy is not dictated? The issue is exacerbated by declaring something right as wrong.

So the solution is simple, Priests should be allowed to marry and women should be ordained.

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