When children don’t get their way they say; “I’m taking my marbles with me (so you can’t play).” Adults guide children when they act like this. They are taught to find ways to interact, even if they don’t get their way. “My way or the highway” is at very least counterproductive and a form of extortion. The children must be guided to work together and not do harmful things to others if they don’t get their way.

When adults act like children? Should we give them a spanking? What if they hold elected offices and their defiance hurts many others, like the entire USA and the world?

Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary gives the following definition for TREASON: the betrayal of a trust; also TREACHERY: a violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence, further PERFIDY: the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal.

Presently, politics teaches loyalty to your party and its platform, no matter what the cost to the country is! Is today’s SHUTDOWN just a case of “business as usual,” to justify it’s normality? These are rationalizations, political smoke ‘n’ mirrors, and bad gas.

We have all watched our two main political parties jockey for position, while looking for every opportunity to belittle the other. However, what has changed is the Republicans seem to think holding the country hostage is OK, that’s the way things are done in politics, right? Their extremist views justified by saying they are standing firm for this country. All the while harming us. This Republican self-centeredness is over-the-top. This latest fiasco I consider to be criminal and a violation of their oaths of office. Take it to the electorate. OH, that’s right, they did and lost. OK, try again, but damaging the country because you didn’t get your way is indefensible.

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