I BELIEVE… Melding Traditions and Science

I Believe in Science – Quantum Physics and the growth and development of life.

I Believe in Traditions – A Universal Consciousness (GOD).

I Believe these principles are inseparable, not mutually exclusive.

I Believe I am a part of both, an inseparable part.

But how can these beliefs, which for centuries have been at odds with each other, both be true and work together?
The true nature of existence is paradox, the acceptance of seemingly divergent ideas, not black and white thinking, I’m right – you’re wrong. We both are right.
This is a win-win. So let’s look at this from another angle.


“In The Beginning, there was nothing but GOD, and GOD created [the Universe (condensed)]”. An amazing insight from the Judeo/Christian Book of Genesis.  But out of what did GOD create the Universe? Did GOD conjure it up like a magician out of a hat? Hardly.

GOD created the universe out of GOD’s own Self of course, as there was nothing else but GOD. Science explains this.


First, we need to understand what everything is made up of. Hopefully, you know about molecules, which contain a lot of space between and within their elements and which are made up of atoms. Atoms contain Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons all moving in space; they are not solid. These atomic elements are made up of subatomic particles moving in still more space. These sub-atomic particles are made up of still smaller quantum particles. And there is more space. When we finally get down to a solid indivisible mass, it is infinitesimal. I have heard it referred to as the Higgs Boson particle. Some labeled it the God Particle; others have called it the adamantine particle. Either way it is the ONLY REAL SOLID. And it actually is both a particle with mass and a wave. Another paradox, Go figure.

All matter is made up of these identical solid particles. If they are all identical, than what makes these particles create differing elements? Its the frequency they vibrate at that creates the differing elements. Where does this frequency come from? Hmmmm.

To get an idea of how much space is in what we think of as a solid, we must understand Black Holes. A Black Hole is an indivisible mass without space, as predicated by Albert Einstein. It absorbs everything including light. Nothing can withstand or oppose it. Everything within its reach is absorbed by it, including light (photons).

If the earth were compressed to this ultimate Einsteinium solid, it would be a Black Hole about the size of a softball. This is factual science and illustrates just how much space everything contains. When we touch something “solid,” it’s the electromagnetic forces, we are sensing and being repelling by, that give us the solid ‘feel.” If it were an actual solid (Black Hole) the whole earth, the moon, planets and sun would be absorbed by it.


In the beginning,

there was nothing,

but everything.

A universe containing black hole made up of all mass and energy of the universe,

with a consciousness – GOD.

Now, this Ultimate mass that would attract anything not already apart of it (nothing according to our present understanding can withstand it) made the decision to expand out and create the Universe. We call this decision and resulting action the Big Bang. We arrived at this name Big Bang, as an explosion is a rapid expansion of the exploding elements. The original everything moved out faster than light, Einstein said that was not possible. OOPHS

Now, this rapidly expanding mass created all the elements from the original ultimate solid. Some of the Universal Black Hole’s mass remained together and shepherded-in all the other ‘loose’ mass to form galaxies. And we now understand that at the center of all galaxies is a Super Massive Black Hole. There is also the matter of Dark Matter, which science really does not understand, but acknowledges it has an effect on the universe; and may have a role in the shepherding and continued cohesion of the galaxies along with the Super Massive Black Holes at their centers. Ever wondered why elements within galaxies don’t just spin off? In our solar system, we credit our sun with holding the solar system together. Perhaps, dark matter plays a part here also? Science actually does not know at present, but it is working on gaining an understanding.


I believe in a guided arbitrary evolution, a paradox. This is guided chaos. I think that all that has happened in the universe was guided, but was not necessarily controlled, as the human mind would have it. We have projected our own thought processes onto the Universal Consciousness.

Survival of the fittest is really survival of the most adaptable. Recently, astronomers have shown us telescopic pictures of galaxies that are colliding and the Bigger Black Hole containing galaxy absorbing the smaller. Let’s suppose there was life in both these combining galaxies; by necessity either they will die or find a way to move to another galaxy. An unimaginable task for us backward humans who are closer to the stone age than being able to accomplish a task such as this. But as we evolve further perhaps one day we will. Scotty, beam me up! This is no different than the birds, lizards or tortoises on Darwin’s island finding ways to adapt, living long and prospering. The guiding principal is there, what is done with it is up to the participants.

It is like child rearing, we give our children what we can to handle and prosper in life. They can accept, change, or reject what we offered, which is not always correct, and survive or not. We have no control, but the guiding principle, the evolutionary force is present – guiding us to change, adapt and prosper.

Meld the sciences and traditions yields the fire, called the Tension of the Opposites. We then may live long and prosper, as we further change and evolve.


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  1. Janine Rivera

    Wow David, I like the way you think! Intersting thought process. Really good stimulation to the ever expanding mind. We’re always trying to figure things out. Visualize and understand why., who and how. What you’ve expressed is cause for some deep thought! Thank You for sharing this!

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