I AM – Unboxed

There are so many organizations seeking our attention, agreement with their beliefs, and for us to declare membership in their organizations. They want us to join the tribe. Competing for control over our thoughts and beliefs by making other tribes wrong, they naturally are righteous – good, moral, (Read more …)


Are you a rescuer, savior, protector, or enabler – of monkeys???

Monkeys are your issues, problems, fears, hurts, insecurities, challenges, pet peeves, needs, wants, desires, depression, anxiety, and jealousies of others. Most of us have experienced these monkeys on our backs. Some of us are zook(Read more …)

I BELIEVE… Melding Traditions and Science

I Believe in Science – Quantum Physics and the growth and development of life.

I Believe in Traditions – A Universal Consciousness (GOD).

I Believe these principles are inseparable, not mutually exclusive.

I Believe I am a part of both, an inseparable part.

But how can these beliefs, whi(


The Drama of it all

Trauma is an experience that produces psychological injury or pain. Usually it is sudden and immediate and this trauma causes one to be traumatized. How is this different from dramatized? I am using this word, usually associated with make a dramatic play or acting, in a comple(Read more …)


DOES the title sound familiar, a bit too familiar? Acceptance of another means just that. It does NOT mean I accept for now what I don’t really like, because I know once I have you in my clutches, under my control, I will FIX you. This tells your partner when they find out your real agenda that you (Read more …)


Inhuman treat is the hallmark of China where workers are seen as expendable ants, locked up in the factories, and caged in substandard concrete containment vessels called living quarters. Some of them have rebelled and a few have jumped off buildings in protest. Probably there have been a lot more “(Read more …)


When children don’t get their way they say; “I’m taking my marbles with me (so you can’t play).” Adults guide children when they act like this. They are taught to find ways to interact, even if they don’t get their way. “My way or the highway” is at very least counterproductive and a form of extorti(Read more …)


Have you ever experienced your life going along really well — when all of a sudden it seems to come apart at the seams?

When our unconscious self, our inner child, senses unfamiliar situations and we’re relaxing our defenses, this inner child rings the alarm bell.  Your child has only one though(Read more …)

What’s Up With the Pope?

Many ask why did the Pope resign, was it really his health? NO, it was to protect the Church of Roman, to fall on his sword so to speak, so the Church won’t have to shoulder the responsibility for the years of reported child abuse he and the Church covered up. The now former Pope’s complicity has co(Read more …)


This article is a step-by-step outline on How To Create Killers. I am only outlining the steps already put in place – and in practice – by our society. You must understand that these steps must desensitize or disconnect the potential killer from his or her humanity and the methods are clearly design(Read more …)



EVERYONE has heard the expression, “it is a crazy world.” It is accepted as fact that has no remedy, you just have to grin and bear it. Many Gurus have offered solutions, religions have their take on how to deal wi(Read more …)

FEAR MONGERS – The Commercialization of Tragedy

Fear, Fear, Fear, that is the message our media panders; and it does sell well. A recent event involved a shooting of many at a movie theatre in Colorado. How horrific! A report that this tragedy occurred is valid, and later that the victims who died have been laid to rest. Also, legitimately report(Read more …)


Looking for ways to increase profits, or decrease losses, corporations have taken on the Mantra of More From Less. What exactly does this mean? It means downsizing the number of employees and having the remaining do their work by increasing their workloads. This “Mantra” is used as a Battle Cry and (Read more …)


I spoke with a therapist/friend recently who shared a similar experience I had. She had lost her assistant to budget cuts and cannot possibly handle the administrative duties, the phones, and her normal therapeutic workload. A client did not get her call returned for two days. When it was, she was t(Read more …)

Stalking Trayvon

Trayvon Martin, the seventeen-year-old teenager was gun downed in Florida by George Zimmerman, a community watch volunteer. It is clear that Zimmerman called 911, reporting a suspicious person in his community. This is the correct behavior for a community watch person. It is also clear that the 911 (Read more …)

Why is the Corporate World Failing?

Having experienced the corporate “culture,” while questioning what I found, it became clear that the new thinking in the corporate world focuses on control through micromanagement. This has the affect of disenfranchising its employees and it is intentional. What the corporate planners don’t understa(Read more …)

Castle Walls

The Great Wall of China was designed to serve two purposes, keeping the Mongol barbarians out and the people in. It was somewhat successful for the first task, and quite successful on the second.

How does this relate to the human condition? Well, it’s quite the metaphor. To protect ourselves, we (Read more …)

BigotHeart and the Fluffer

The new MEL GIBSON’s movie – maybe.

Well, it seems Mel Gibson has done it again, shot himself in the foot, or at least vomited on it. His latest drunken emotional tirade aimed at his wife has made headlines. His level of desperation seems to have increased as his reason decreases proportionally. (Read more …)


Holy-wood (or so it thinks) and some misguided academics are peddling the concept that fathers, classical male-female families, and masculinity itself are interchangeable with female only units. In fact, in some circles, gender itself is to be considered moot. Somehow we are to ignore that gender di(Read more …)

Why Men Leave Their Children

Often, we hear of divorced dads that spend little or no time with their children, and the damage it does to these children, not having the love and guidance of their dads. Many divorced moms have told me how they are at a complete loss as to how these dads could do this. Of course, some of these mom(Read more …)

Hurting Each Other

We all have felt pain; life makes that inevitable. We mostly deal with the pain by repressing it, distracting from it, or less frequently healing it by allowing it, feeling it, and releasing it. Most are hazily aware of their unreleased inner pain. Pain is a catalyst for growth, one of the biggest, (Read more …)

It’s a Crazy (Dissociated) World

There is not a soul who has not heard, if not thought that this is crazy world. It is, but why is this so?

First, what is “crazy,” what does it really mean, and what are the signs of it? The definition of crazy includes: mentally deranged; demented; insane; senseless; impractical; or totally unso(Read more …)

Men, Priests, and the Trinity

We have all heard that Divine ‘Grace’ is presently transforming the damage caused by the distorted actions of certain Priests of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). I am writing about Pedophilia. That the problem was covered up for years is unquestionable. The Pope has even made mention of issues needi(Read more …)

What IS Going On With the Men?

We all know of the recently exposed philandering of male celebrities, politicians, sports figures, etc. Now, we have Sandra Bullock’s (mismatched bad boy) husband caught with his pants down too. Appropriately enough for a bad boy chopper builder his philandering is with a “tattoo model.” A rose by a(Read more …)

Does Sex Addiction Really Exist?

There is much confusion about sex addiction and whether it really exists, especially considering it is a proper biological function that usually is pleasurable. For men, it is much more than a mere biological function. Sex is a large part of life for men, they are taught, “big boys don’t cry, suck i(Read more …)

Elin to Sue Tiger’s Hoes

OMG, did my ears really hear the demands for an apology from one of Tiger’s hoe’s, promulgated to the public by another type of hoe (attorney Allred)? Seriously? Yes, but my mind refuses to fully believe it. Somehow, someway, these two partners in crime (extortion) believe that it is perfectly accep(Read more …)

Affairs with Married Men. ARE WOMEN INNOCENT?

It has almost become expected, “who will be the next cheating male celebrity-politician-sports star-media talent to be exposed?” Without question the cheaters broke their vows and this is unacceptable, especially for our “role models.”

However, I find it funny, that the women they cheated with, e(Read more …)

Avoiding Valentine’s Day?

Today, there is a growing sentiment that is anti-Valentine’s Day. One reason is the blatant commercialism, which I agree misses the point. However, most don’t understand what Valentine’s Day can and should mean. Simple, it is a time to remind us to honor others that are important to our hearts, mind(Read more …)

John Woods, Tiger Edwards

Is it them or me that is mixed-up? It’s painful to watch them shoot themselves in the foot. And there are so many others like them. Distracting sex addiction run rampant leaving a path of broken vows, collateral damage, and self-destruction. Horrifying! I have spoken about men being taught to replac(Read more …)

The Importance of Importance, Valentine’s Day

It is that time of year again where we express our love, appreciation, and heartfelt connection to others, Valentine’s Day. But what is it we are giving and what is it the other person really wants? Yes, you can give flowers, cards, gifts, wads of money, jewels, e greetings, or anything else that st(Read more …)

New Years Resolutions, Premeditate Failures?

It’s that time of year where we all succumb to the parlor game called, “Name That Resolution.” The rest of the year we are busy distracting ourselves with a myriad of structures we’ve created like: over-work, family to the exclusion of all else, over-sexuality, drugs, alcohol, over-eating, smoking, (Read more …)

Tiger Woods’ 9 Hoe’s of Golf

Depending on how he likes to play, this could be The Back 9. Of course, I am referring to the recently disclosed nine “mistresses” Tiger has collected. And there will be more. But when is enough, enough? And what was Tiger thinking and where are his morals and integrity? So many questions, so little(Read more …)

The Credit Crunch, Greed and Stupidity

We are all suffering from the effects of the “credit crunch.” We saw the same thing in the mid-eighties, but with prohibitive interest rates. Thank God that is not happening now. But clearly we have not really learned a thing from the past, so we are doomed to repeat it as the saying goes.

Here i(


The Fort Hood shooting was just the beginning. There was a planned mall-shooting in Massachusetts that was foiled by authorities. But guaranteed the Jihadists will be bringing their flavor of insanity to our doorsteps. The shooter at Fort Hood may have been a sleeper agent, or maybe just following t(Read more …)

Why Men Cheat

Why do men cheat? This is not to say women don’t, but why do men do it? Can it be prevented?

First, here are a number of possibilities why:
1. ADDICTION. As I have said in my book Men – The Gods of Love, sex has been taught men as a replacement for all the disallowed emotions. “Big boys don’t cr(Read more …)

Key to Success

Everything is a relationship, or lack of one. Relationships are the cornerstones of anything long-term. Your most important relationships are the ones that affected you the most, to the core. What are their hallmarks? Real relationships include being cared about, believed in, mutually. For example: (Read more …)

Failure of Corporate Culture

To start understanding corporate culture and its members, we must look at what corporations and their officers represent to their employees and the world. Simply speaking, corporations are by-and-large patriarchal family units. To their employees, corporate officers represent big daddy and to a less(Read more …)

Estrogen – The Loaded Gun?

This may seem harsh, please don’t take it personally. Look past any reaction you may have to see if there is truth contained herein. You may know that my second book, Women-The Gods of Wisdom is nearing completion. From its title you can see what I think is women’s heritage, not who they are being. (Read more …)

Testosterone as Scapegoat

It was recently pointed out to me that all of the Wall Street people in the news, the bankers of failing banks, the AIG greed mongers, were not only wrong, but male. This was applied in general to men in government that thought that business would behave as good citizens and balance out business and(Read more …)

Finding the Missing Pieces

Reconnecting Life, Business, and Family
What’s missing in life that nobody seem to be able to understand?  The evidence that something’s amiss, abounds in every aspect of life from: economic disaster, relationship disaster, loneliness, addiction, poverty, greed, and a general state of manic depress(Read more …)

Emotions – After “ITS” Hit the Fan

By now everyone has awoken to the fact that we were living under the illusion of “all is right.” IT’S NOT! How can one handle one’s emotions and those of co-workers, friends, lovers, employees, employers, family and the world?
It’s actually relatively simple. No, don’t jump off a bridge. But do jum(Read more …)

Relationships & Emotions in Our Troubled Times

View Talk:  Part I, Part II, Part III
These are difficult and uncertain times for all. Stress is a typical byproduct of change in normal situations. Our times are anything but “normal,” so the possibility for and intensity of stress is dramatically increased. How does this affect relationships? Tha(Read more …)

Ethics & Loyalty

The Politics of Street Gangs, Corporations, and Others
Loyalty is defined as: the quality or state of being loyal; a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to somebody or something. Allegiance, trustworthiness, fidelity, devotion, and dependability are some of the synonyms for it. Isn’t it inter(Read more …)

House of Cards

Our illustrious King (President) said in September speaking about the “financial bailout” that he saw our economy like a “house of cards,” and that one of the cards was failing so he took action. Snaps for the president. Unfortunately, his statement fails to address two issues, one being, our e(Read more …)

The “Divine” Notion

Now, I am sure you are thinking, what “Divine” notion am I writing of? It is the notion of freedom. We have seen a convenient version of this notion played out in our stock and mortgage markets. Not working too well is it. So what is wrong with the notion of freedom? “Freedom’s just another word for(Read more …)

Blaming Each Other

Men frequently act out roles they’ve learned, find them unfulfilling, and then, seeing no other possibilities, blame women. To men’s continued disappointment, this results in failed relationships. Why? Because men simply don’t know how to behave in partnerships based on feelings. Instead, they are f(Read more …)

Changing Each Other

Women marry men thinking they can change them.
Men marry women hoping they won’t change.
Change is the common denominator in these statements. There of course will always be change, growth and evolution of our beliefs, thinking and beings. However, the above statements speak to a different type of(Read more …)

Feminine Control

Women naturally exercise control in a feminine manner, rather than in a masculine one. First, it must be pretty. Secondly, it mustn’t visibly rock-the-boat. The “boat” being the fairytale-like illusions of life constructed to handle (control) life’s experiences. So the boat that shouldn’t be rocked (Read more …)

Freedom vs. Anarchy

This article is based on a radio interview I did on E! Entertainment Radio with hosts Michael Yo and Hyla, June 6th. We had a great (but short) interview on the topic of the Sex and the City (SATC) show/movie. Their position was that the SATC behavior models presented women having the freedom, sexua(Read more …)


I received the follow ‘humor’ in an email. So often jokes have hidden meaning that most miss. Let’s look at this joke. You will find a whole lot of meaning and deep feelings hidden in these few lines.

A husband and wife are shopping in a supermarket when the man sees a great price on a case of be(Read more …)

Men Who Won’t Marry

To be, or not to be (married) – that my dear Shakespeare is the real question. Why are so many more men not taking the “plunge?” U.S. population figures from 1980 to the present indicate that the percentage of men in their forties who have never been married has nearly tripled to seventeen-percent o(Read more …)

Sexualizing the City – Glorifying and Epitomizing Shallowness

All hail the gods of sleaze! Sex and the City panders to the prurient interests, exulting the meaninglessness of humanity devoid of heart and soul. This it encourages under the guise of women’s freedom, the freedom to exalt the darkness within. Explore it, yes, acknowledge it as a part within all, y(Read more …)

What you believe, you perceive!

We are truly creators, what we create is literally our own realities. If our beliefs are aligned with our intentions, desires, and purpose, then all is well and we feel fulfilled and happy. Sadly, for most this is not the case. The good news is we are creators and can recreate our realities. The bad(Read more …)

The Barter System©

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Eigen’s upcoming book: Women-The Gods of Wisdom.

In the “Fairytales” the princess gives the hero, her kingdom. This is symbolically true, but the material reality, the patriarchal reality is that wealth was kept from women. In fact women were considered prope(Read more …)

Wives who stand by straying husbands

Why do wives of powerful men stand by their men when they stray? This is a question raised by many after the debacles of NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, NJ Governor James McGreevy, President Bill Clinton, Senators, sports figures and others. All have wives that stood by them during their scandals. Most (Read more …)

Lord of the Flies

The U.S., if not the world, has been exposed to the video posted on the website YouTube in which six teenage girls lured a friend who had “dissed” them, called them names in a posting on the social website MySpace. This posting was coded “private,” so it was not viewable by the general public. When (Read more …)

What You Resist – Persists!

This statement has never been so well demonstrated as by the former governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer. His inner unsatisfied urges that he was unable to fulfill were resisted. Everything we resist within ourselves is always and automatically put in our inner dumping grounds, called the shadow, a.(Read more …)

WorkPlace Bullies – Bullying Workplaces

Workplace bullies, we all know them, but what are they. First let’s look at what bullying is. It is identified by repeated verbal abuse, aggressive behavior, work interference/sabotage, humiliation, or intimidation. These are all violations of another’s boundaries and are a common occurrence. Sourc(Read more …)

A Soldier Speaks – but not completely.

The Soldiers Speak is part of a brochure for the worthy organization Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc. that sends gift packages of necessities and letters to U.S. soldier worldwide. Here is a quote from one of their recipients after receiving a package.
“I don’t know what to say. I am almost speech(Read more …)

Valentine, Oh Valentine – What the heck do I get you?

This has become to me a much asked question. What should I get him or her. Most people are looking for a pat answer, like tickets to the ballet, or a hockey game. And the common gift theme is dinner and…

Well, I have a different take on it. I don’t recommend any specific gift for anyone, instea(Read more …)

Politics and Treason

We have all watched our two main political parties jockey for position, while looking for every opportunity to belittle the other. OK, that’s the way things are done in politics. This is the “competitive model,” isn’t it? Where’s the problem?

Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary gives the(

Male Bashing

If a man went into the wilderness, miles from civilization and any woman, and he spoke, would he still be wrong? Is this a cute joke, or just another reflection of how women make men wrong? Women are usually not as directly violent as men in their attacks. So men get the bad rep. But are women innoc(Read more …)

Bhutto, Blindness and the Patriarchal Way

I am horrified and deeply saddened by the death of this great and courageous woman, Benazir Bhutto, which clearly demonstrates the extremist patriarchal mindset. Clearly, the “fundamentalist” insanity that grips the Muslim world by the throat, the Al-Qaida/Taliban extremists, are the wolves at the d(Read more …)

Arrogance and Ignorance Strike Again

I am horrified and deeply saddened by this demonstration of the extremist patriarchal thinking. Not only was she an “opposition candidate,” she was a woman. Muslims demonstrate the patriarchy in the extreme. The feminine is seen as third class. She could not be tolerated by these greedy gluttons fo(Read more …)

The Art of Man-Making, Not Deal Making

Man-making, the process by which we grow and train our men is an art, one that requires the balance in an artists eyes. A man is not a human looking computational device, to be programmed and then let loose on the world.

Human existence must be treated as the artistic expression of the whole bein(Read more …)

The Masculine Imprisoned – Continued

Continued from the earlier blog entry:

When men imprison their feelings (feminine side) in walls built out of patriarchal (male as superior) stone, it creates a result most are unaware of.

It is a well know psychological principal that our inner landscape, or belief system, what goes on inside(Read more …)

When Men and Women Lie, Part 2 – Women

When women lie, they often call them “little white lies,” and rationalize them away saying: “nobody needs to know,” “no harm is done,” “no one was hurt, therefore it is OK,” “but I had to,” or “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings with the truth,” but I did want what I wanted. For the record, there a(Read more …)

When Men and Women Lie, Part 1 – Men

Ah yes, the truth, that inconvenient or downright annoying thing. Why can’t it be the way we want it to be? Whose idea was this “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” thing, anyway? I want things the way I want them, period.
Yes, people lie for many reasons. Liars always believe their lies ben(Read more …)

Grow or Die – The Law of Nature

Natural laws must be obeyed, there are no options. Gravity and light follows them and all of what we call nature follows them, naturally. We humans often attempt to swim upstream, against nature. We may perceive we are successful, that we have “gotten-over” on nature, but this is only temporary, nat(Read more …)

Whose Responsible?

Responsibility, a distasteful word that elicits feelings of guilt, is not taught in our society. We hire lawyers to “get us off,” that is, enable us to shirk our responsibilities for our actions. The right to a fair trial has been twisted into the right to get off – if we can afford it. Frequently t(Read more …)

What causes our kids to shoot-up a school?

It happened again at a school in Cleveland. And a repeat of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting was just prevented in Philadelphia. Horrible, insane, what is this world coming too? But overlooked in the media stories were why this is happening and who is responsible.
We don’t listen to our kids(

Can men and women be friends?

That is a question asked by many, is it possible, or will sexuality always get in the way? And the answer is – unequivocally, absolutely, maybe. — Alright, so it’s a little murky, but then again so are human relations.
Well then, what are some of the factors, besides sex, that come into play in th(Read more …)

Who makes better friends, women or men?

First, we must understand that friendship has two components; one is an emotional (feeling) component, and the other a reasoning (thinking) component.
Relationships, such as friendship, requires connection, relating, feeling, compassion and empathy. These are the bailiwick of the feminine. It is no(Read more …)

The Masculine Imprisoned!

Men’s patriarchal (male as superior) training builds a mental prison for men’s feelings, the feminine part. This creates an inner struggle, a battle, as their heritage is to be the “Gods of Love.” And this “inner prison” requires huge amounts of emotional energy to maintain, resulting in the eventua(Read more …)

Oral Sex with Strangers?

I have become aware of a phenomenon that is occurring in which teenage girls are performing oral sex at parties with men they don’t know, strangers. I asked my teenage daughters if they have heard about this and they said yes.
I found that unbelievable! My daughter did too. I felt angry and distu(Read more …)

Society’s Redefining of Men

Society is in the process of redefining the man as something more “sanitized, hairless, and shallow,” a domesticated work beast that has been neutered and dehorned. This is the feminized male, the so called “metrosexual.” Their “Mojo” has been distilled and bottled, controllable, and in pill form—on(Read more …)

“Terminally Ill Denied Right to Untried Drugs”

That was the headline on 8/8/07 in the Sun-Sentinel, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Newspaper. This article refers to a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The opinion of the majority voiced by Judge Thomas B. Griffith is a s follows: “Terminally ill patient desperately ne(Read more …)

The Vick–tims of Michael Vick

Victims come in all sizes and shapes, for example: dogs, the public’s trust, and even manhood. Yes, manhood. Why? Because major sports figures are regards as heroes and role models to many, especially our youth. That dog fighting is illegal, immoral, and just plain repulsive is clear, but it is more(Read more …)

Goddess Confused

I recognize how difficult it is for you my Goddess of Wisdom to be wise. How the child’s voices of fear and pain ricochet off the walls in every direction, distracting and creating confusion and turmoil. I see how hard it is to stand and be wise in this environment. It is easier to run or pretend,(Read more …)

The Tension of the Opposites

The message men have ingested about manhood is so confused, twisted and even manipulated, that men are not really sure themselves what it is to be a “man.”

Women are just as confused about men. Women can’t decide if men are their knights in shining armor, their rescuers/saviors, or are heartless (Read more …)

Stop, Look, and Listen!!!

Who are you? This question is different than asking what you do, but most believe what they do is who they are. They have identified with their actions. Whether you are comfortable or not with your “doings” makes no difference as to who you are. If we take away what you do, what are you left with?
(

A Question Unasked

A QUESTION UNASKED: “What good are the fruits of our labors, our victories, accomplishments or possessions, when our experience of love and relationships are fruitless?” Further, what makes a “real” man, and how does he create a life worth living? Considering today’s changing attitudes towards manho(Read more …)