Fem-A-Meter Quiz

  1. You get a phone call from somebody you've met recently. How easy is it for you to remember who they are by the sound of their voice?
    1. Usually I know who they are.
    2. If they don’t say their names, I can only guess.
    3. With enough time I usually remember.
  2. Where do you direct most of your attention?
    1. On the task at hand.
    2. It's all about me.
    3. I try and balance my needs with others.
  3. You find the gossip on TV:
    1. Repulsive.
    2. Listen fully so I can share the juicy gossip with others.
    3. I only listen occasionally to amusing gossip.
  4. Shopping is something that:
    1. Is in my genes.
    2. I have no real interest in.
    3. It’s fun when I am in the mood.
  5. During a heated argument, you probably:
    1. Back down, not liking to argue.
    2. Yell the loudest to gain control.
    3. Use reason to communicate, but stand firm on my point.
  6. An organized, beautiful home is:
    1. Not something I think much about.
    2. Nice, but not critical.
    3. Needed to feel at home.
  7. If you feel like crying at a sad movie you:
    1. Resist any possibility of it.
    2. Are happy you’re wearing waterproof mascara.
    3. Must have been deeply moved to cry.
  8. A girlfriend always competes with you, you:
    1. Smile and act normally.
    2. Strive to be the “better” person.
    3. Look for opportunities to undermine her.
  9. Your car has a flat tire, do you:
    1. Call a male friend for help.
    2. Call your girlfriend for emotional support and then call a male friend.
    3. Handle getting the tire changed.
  10. How do you feel about math?
    1. I'm competent mathematically.
    2. I’m good in math.
    3. I hate math.
  11. A friend brings up a childhood event and starts crying. How do you react?
    1. I try to comfort them as best as I can.
    2. I try to fix the problem, or find something fun to do.
    3. I'm supportive and wait for them to compose themselves.
  12. You find a parking space for your car that you must back into. What do you do?
    1. Pass on it and look for one I can drive into.
    2. Park there only if the lot is crowded.
    3. I’d back right in.
  13. You are new to a town and are asked which direction south is. Do you know?
    1. Maybe, with a bit of orienting.
    2. Most likely yes.
    3. No.
  14. You are relating about an event that occurred well in the past. Do you remember what you were wearing?
    1. Usually I remember.
    2. Doubtful.
    3. Its possible.
  15. Do you cry at sad events?
    1. I never cry at them.
    2. I usually cry during them.
    3. I will cry if deeply moved.
  16. Which statement do you relate to best?
    1. I feel therefore I am.
    2. I think therefore I am.
    3. I am.
  17. Crude “bathroom” humor:
    1. Is hilarious.
    2. Can be humorous.
    3. Not to my liking.
  18. Pick the word that you would MOST want to be applied to you.
    1. Assertive.
    2. Adaptable.
    3. Independent.
  19. Which do you feel is most desirable to possess?
    1. Self-awareness.
    2. Power.
    3. Compassion.
  20. How do you feel about children:
    1. I can take them or leave them.
    2. Life fulfilling.
    3. I love them and they are work.
  21. Do you like to cook?
    1. If it’s microwavable.
    2. I make sure my family has a well-balanced meal.
    3. Yes, it’s a passion of mine.
  22. Do you like taking care of housework?
    1. It’s a pleasure usually.
    2. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s has got to do it.
    3. Someone else always does it.
  23. I read books, which are:
    1. Complicated and totally absorb my attention.
    2. The shorter the better.
    3. How to, self-improvement, or of substance.
  24. What's most important in a relationship?
    1. Security.
    2. Sex.
    3. Connection.
  25. You notice that your emotions:
    1. Ebb and flow in a comfortable manner.
    2. Jump around a lot.
    3. Are rock steady.