Future Projects Book III

“As we all have within us aspects of our opposite sex, it is critical that we understand this part of ourselves. Our inner opposite male or female essences play a part in every aspect of our existence, whether we like it, or not. Acknowledging, understanding, and learning how to incorporate these aspects is the key to finding inner peace.” Dr. Eigen’s first two books are designed to reveal the illusions we have about being men and women.


The Sacred Dance


Dr. Eigen’s third book, The Sacred Dance, looks at Romantic Love as it is presently viewed by society. Love, in its present form, is often confused with intense emotions based on needs that are rooted in loneliness, insecurities and fear. We look at how bartering for love is common and considered the “normal necessary” basis of relationship. It is NOT! He will show how two whole beings can interact to create the sacred union we are meant to have, but can’t quite figure out how it is achieved. We investigate how emotions and beliefs affect and distort our relationships. This awareness enables us to understand true love, and how to experience it. The reader will discover the truth about who they really are, and what relationships really were designed to be!

Dr. Eigen’s three books are designed to bring about an evolved understandings about very old questions. Examining the myths about life we have been taught, which represent group thinking, helps us to uncover and answer our own questions. When we look at life from our new perspective we ultimately arrive at a new paradigm, or perception of being a human–male or female, and how to use this new way of being to create fulfilling relationships -finally.