Man-O-Meter Quiz

  1. While going to visit a friend you find out something needs repairing in her home. You would:
    1. Suggest sources to look into for repairs.
    2. Be supportive, ask how she's feeling.
    3. Fix it.
  2. What are the important factors of living?
    1. Hanging-out with friends and independence.
    2. Friends, family and connectedness with all things in your life.
    3. Accumulating and achieving goals, respect, prestige, and advancement.
  3. Using maps or street directories are:
    1. Natural.
    2. You need to turn it facing the direction you're heading.
    3. Difficult for you.
  4. Your actions are based on:
    1. Facts.
    2. Available input and "gut feelings."
    3. Intuition.
  5. A friend discusses a personal problem, you handle this by:
    1. Giving useful suggestions for a better understanding.
    2. Being sympathetic and understanding.
    3. Telling the friend how to fix the problem.
  6. Spending the whole night cuddling a woman you've just had sex with:
    1. Shows you care.
    2. Is an important part of intimacy.
    3. I don't know, I rolled over and go to sleep.
  7. Your lover has put on weight, she says she has put on five pounds. You respond:
    1. Are you sure it wasn't ten?
    2. Hey, its only five pounds and you still look great.
    3. You look perfect to me.
  8. You believe that a feeling man is:
    1. A much needed evolution.
    2. An conflict in terms.
    3. Effeminate.
  9. Foreplay equates to sex like:
    1. Meat and potatoes.
    2. Waiting in line for a roller-coaster.
    3. Starting and warming up the engine on a cold day.
  10. When you go to the gym you wear:
    1. Loose gym clothes and a T-shirt.
    2. Coordinated gym clothes.
    3. Anything I can find that doesn't smell.
  11. Men who easily cry, especially in public are:
    1. Courageous and admirable.
    2. I'm not sure what to make of it.
    3. Wimps.
  12. The more sexual partners a man has means:
    1. The more of a man he is.
    2. Basically nothing.
    3. He may have issues with intimacy.
  13. For a man to turn down the opportunity to have sex means:
    1. He is being discerning.
    2. He's not just interested in sex, but in intimacy.
    3. He's dead.
  14. Do you iron your work-out clothes?
    1. What for?
    2. Of course!
    3. They are "No-Iron."
  15. Do some women mistake you for gay?
    1. NO!
    2. I don't think so.
    3. I've been asked.
  16. Have you ever applied a wall treatment?
    1. Either way, I know what it is.
    2. Wall treatment, is that like hanging curtains or pictures?
    3. Yes, I am artistic.
  17. Your lover says she's not feeling sexually satisfied. What do you do?
    1. Being considerate, I look for other ways to please her.
    2. Get a new girlfriend.
    3. Ask what she needs.
  18. How many pairs of footwear do you have?
    1. 11 or more.
    2. 6 to 10.
    3. 5 or less.
  19. Do you own a pink shirt?
    1. No self-respecting man would wear pink.
    2. No, but I would consider it.
    3. Yes.
  20. Do you brag about your sexual conquests?
    1. Naturally, image is important.
    2. I prefer being discrete, so I don't brag.
    3. Women are partners, not conquests.
  21. On the average how many times a month do you shop?
    1. 1 time or less.
    2. 2 to 4 times.
    3. More than 4 times.
  22. Its morning, you're still in bed and someone comes to the door, you:
    1. Put on something and answer it.
    2. Look in the mirror, brush your hair, don an outfit, and answer it.
    3. Rollover and hope they go away.
  23. You've just seen a movie with a great car chase scene, you:
    1. Go home fighting the urge to play stunt driver.
    2. Have "Born to be Wild" screaming and the pedal-to-the-metal.
    3. Drive home normally, it was only a movie.
  24. How do you spend your downtime?
    1. Cuddled-up with a good movie and my honey.
    2. A day at the spa pampering yourself.
    3. Beer, babes, and bikes.
  25. A woman you've invited to dinner offers to pay the bill, you:
    1. Graciously accept her kind offer.
    2. Say 'How considerate,' but I invited you and would like to pay.
    3. Say 'You go girl, and I like blueberry pancakes for breakfast.'