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Huntsville Times

Relationships and politics. What do you do if you don’t agree?[…]

USA Today Magazine, Crazy World, Crazy Relationships, 9/2012

EVERYONE has heard the expression, “it is a crazy world.” It is accepted as fact that has no remedy, you just have to grin and bear it. Many Gurus have offered solutions, religions have their take on how to deal with it, and philosophies try to offer understandings and solutions. I do not believe we are defective. So how can this be?


DCLIFE Magazine Article – Crazy World, Crazy Relationships

Article on the Crazy World

DCLIFE Magazine May 2012 go to Page 35 for article[…]

Truth About Love in a Crazy World – Day Gamer

Blog Interview with Day Gamer on Love & Relationships in our Crazy World.

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By Gracie Bonds Staples  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
May 17, 2012

“Conflict with mothers can stem from grief”


Palm Beach Post article

Cite in the Post on Al & Tipper Gores split.


The Daily

Authoritative cite in article on why Cougars or women marrying much older men have shorten lifespans.


Article on old stereotypes for women, especially in the South citing Dr. Eigen.

READ[…], Depression and Women

Link to article on the perception that women get depressed more than men.

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The Toronto Star

Contributor to article on the mystique of male bonding and how women are clueless in this area.[…]

Village Voice

Read Dr. Eigen’s contributions to the article entitled:
“If You’re an Educated Woman, You Probably Have a Drinking Problem.”

Women and Drinking[…]

NY Daily News

Link to NY Daily News Article on Better Educated Women More Likely to Be Problem Drinkers[…]

Women’s Health Magazine

How to handle losing a job.[…]

Contributor to article:[…]

Women’s World Magazine

The psychology behind the differing movie awards.

Link to article: TBD[…]

Woman’s World Magazine

The psychology of food.

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Contributor to article –[…]

Contributor to article –’s-momentous-10-plastic-surgeries-makeover/[…]

Kansas City Star

Authoritative cite on football coaches and recent outrageous and abusive behaviors toward their players.

Link: KCSTAR[…]

Contributor to article –[…]

Authoritative cite on Rihanna’s defensive clothes after her beating.

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Authoritative cite in article on Jon Gosselin.

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Forbes – Wallet Wars

How spending patterns are different and have change based on genders.
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N.Y. Daily News – Lindsay Lohan

Expert opinion on Lindsay Lohan’s and her Father’s threats to release tapes.

Link[…] – Sesame Street Characters

A tongue-in-cheek look at the characteristics of Sesame Street Characters.


Daily Telegraph – Australia

Authoritative cite in the following article on sex addiction.
Link: Sex Addiction[…]

Courier Mail – Australia

Authoritative cite in the following article on sex addiction.
Link: Sex Addiction[…]

N.Y. Post on Sex addiction

Authoritative cite in the following article on sex addiction.
Link: Sex Addiction[…]

News-Press Naples, FL

Expert Cite on Naples Shooting.[…]

Mom Logic

Expert cite on gossip and its damage.[…]

Positively Magazine

Article cite Dr. Eigen on handling stress.

NY Daily News

Article on Gossip with cite by Dr. Eigen.

Link: Read Article[…]

La Opinion – Los Angeles, CA

Authoritative cite in La Opinion.

NY Daily News

Article on Road Rage in NYC, cite by Dr. Eigen
LINK: NY Daily Newsl[…]

Philadelphia Inquirer

Expert Cite in article on Holocaust Memorial Shooting[…]

Associate Press – Holocaust Memorial Shooting

See highlighted cite in article by Jessie Washington
Read: holocaust-museum-shooting1[…]

Crossing the Gender Divide in the Gym

Article that cites Dr. Eigen on the subject of gender in the gym.

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Women’s World Magazine

Dr. Eigen is featured in an article on international cuisine and what it says about you.[…]

NY Daily News

Cite in article on sex addiction:

Films on porn & Sex addiction are now in pop culture’s mainstream
Saturday, September 20th 2008


Whatta Man, Whatta Man, Whatta Mighty Good Man

Cites Dr. Eigen extensively on the changing masculine roles.

Link: Demodirt[…]

Star Magazine

Dr. Eigen is quoted on Page 54, Roly-Poly Romeos May 12th issue.[…]

Orlando Sentinel

Front Page Cite:,0,282709.stor[…]

Atlanta Journal Constitution – Braves and Camaraderie

Cites in article

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Title: Come for the Braves game, enjoy the camaraderie

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/04/08[…]

Workplace Bullies a Serious Threat to Your Business

Cites published in The California Executive Magazine under the above title by Steve Tanner.[…]

What a boy wants.

The Metro Boston News ran this article cite Dr. Eigen on how to choose a gift that applies to both men and women.[…]

Too Lazy to Care.

Article in the Ventura County Star printing Dr. Eigen’s article.


Bhutto, Blindness and the Patriarchal Way

Op-Ed in Various Newspapers and media
Click here to read Dr. Eigen’s related blog entry.[…]

Christian Science Monitor – Parenting

Christian Science Monitor
Title: Parents spending more time with kids
By Marilyn Gardner
Christian Science Monitor
Sunday, November 25, 2007[…]

Christian Science Monitor – Parenting

Christian Science Monitor
Title: Most parents do know where their kids are
US Census Bureau reports parents are more involved in their children’s lives than a decade ago.
By Marilyn Gardner | Columnist
from the November 7, 2007 edition[…]

Chicago Tribune – Mob Appeal

Title: MOB APPEAL; When gangster life imitates art
Chicago Tribune

[Chicagoland Final Edition] Chicago Tribune – Chicago, Ill.

Kelley L Carter

Nov 4, 2007


Whose responsible? Mother being held accountable.

Ft. Myers News Press interview.
Click here to read Dr. David G. Eigen’s related blog entry.[…]

What causes our kids to shoot-up a school?

Op-Ed in Various Newspapers Nationwide

Click here to read the article on Dr. Eigen’s Blog

The following are a list of newspapers where the article on school shootings was carried.

Boston Gazette (Page 2 – It Happened Again)
East Texas Review
Tucson Citizen
Napa Sentinel
Standard Journal
Coastal Courier
Scotts Valley Times
Ventura County Star
Douglas County Sentinel (Douglasville, GA)
Star-Gazette (Elmira, NY)
Santa Clara Weekly (Santa Clara, NY)
Englewood Independent (Englewood, OH)
The Berkley Independent (Moncks Corner, SC)

Passion Play. What is Passion really?

Way of the Heart Magazine

Passion Play
by David G. Eigen

The word passion is applied too freely and greatly misunderstood. The theme of dramatic passion runs through our productions of movies and stage plays in a variety of unrelated themes. For example: from the Passion of Christ to passionate romances, from passionate dramatic action movies to our inner “passions,” and of course, pornographic “passion.” These productions contain all the dynamic elements that arouse us to deep emotions, to passions and dramas like: suffering, suspense, sex, romance, love, pain, anger, fear, loneliness, grief, etc.

Passion and drama are seen as related, but they are not born of the same seed.

I am referring to the dramas in our minds—and the passions of our hearts. The dramas create mental scenes that we assemble together, producing our inner play-of-consciousness (P-O-C). These are dramatic and changeable; and can be re-edited as desired, often by adding new and juicy scenes. These inner movies play continuously in our minds. We are the producers, directors, editors, screen writers, and of course, the main characters. However, these drama filled plays were not created using the light of conscious thought, nor are they based in passion. They were developed from our inner repressed beliefs and unpleasant experiences—our shadows, or dark sides. We constructed, built these realities as defenses using the stones lodged within—these are called constructs.

Why did we construct them? Because we didn’t know how to handle our painful emotional experiences. We were trying to make sense out of the pain and irrational “madness” we experienced. Seeing no other options—we created our own personal version of reality.

Unfortunately, these “versions of reality” are illusions. Living in an illusion means NOT living in the light-of-consciousness. It also means that true passion (love) escapes us. This is not good, is it? And it leaves us feeling emptiness in the pit of our stomachs. Most spend a lifetime trying to fill this emptiness, this void, all the while missing out on the real passion. Substituting for it dramatic distractions. Or we just give-up on passion and just survive.

Almost all have some version of a “movie” playing. An example of this can be drawn from stereotypical romantic relationships. SHE has her version of what the role of prince should look like. HE has his version of his princess. And they go off into the sunset and live—you guessed it—happily ever after. A 50%+ divorce rate illuminates this play’s illusory nature.

Remember what William Shakespeare said in his play Macbeth about life as a constructed illusion: “Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury [drama], signifying nothing.” Here he wrote of there being no options to a meaningless life of illusions, but there is one.

Imagine a small holographic (3D) movie screen in front of every person. They walk around with their inner P-O-C continuously repeating. SHE is looks for an actor to fill the part in her inner play, complete with her job description of prince. He is doing the exact opposite, looking for his version of a princess. Now, the magic occurs if HIS character description closely matches hers and HER description matches his. Perfect—right?

A perfectly sweet illusion it is, and will remain so, as long as both need nothing else, don’t grow or change, and don’t ever take their heads out of the sand to glimpse reality. Here is what occurs in reality. HE, SHE or both at some point find their P-O-C, their made-up illusions: boring, lacking, empty, or just not enough. Something is missing. But what? Another accumulation, more money, another diamond, car, boat, etc.?

No—real passion is missing! But what is it? How does one obtain it?

Now, if you are thinking these are trick questions. Why can’t we just let sleeping dogs lie? It’s because of that light-of-consciousness thing, which illuminates illusions. Reality has a way of mucking-up our illusions, doesn’t it? Let’s just go have a beer!

Well, remember the emptiness thing—the one we were trying to fill with dramatic distractions—that weren’t working. Yeah, that one. Unfortunately, the beer won’t help with it either.

The answers to the preceding questions are quite simple: passion is the indwelling power of being, the divine energy within, the Kundalini; it is experienced by living in conscious reality. You can’t buy it, accumulate it, or store it, only experience it by allowing it to flow from within. This is the option Shakespeare did not write of. Perhaps he didn’t know.

Now, passion is often thought of as something needing to be censored.

The reason passion gets suppressed in our lives is that our dramas got us in trouble in the first place, and we thought that passion was to blame. Drama comes from our stories, our illusions we live. Often these dramatic stories are co-dependent and seek completion, fulfillment from others.

Passion expresses itself toward life, and sometimes engages with our stories, but is not our stories and need not be feared. Passion is the dynamic essence of life. Passion, when it is healthy and pure, not only knows how to engage creatively with stories, but also disengage with them and move on to enjoy, thrill, and excite another day. Staying conscious is how we keep it healthy and pure. Self-forgiveness is what we need when we don’t do this perfectly, and we won’t. Passion is needed to feel fulfilled.

Now, this is not what we have been taught and this is much more difficult for men then women. Why? Because men have been taught to shut-off their feelings, starting with the early childhood prohibition, “big boys don’t cry.” Shut-off your feelings and be a “man.” How can you feel passion, when you are told to distrust and disconnect from your feelings? Women have a clear advantage here, as they are allowed most feelings.

Men are denied permission to feel by the patriarchal paradigm, the male-as-dominant group behavior model. In fact men feel ashamed by most feelings and this keeps them trapped, empty and unfulfilled. Men will attempt to accumulate and control as a substitute—that never works in the long run. This leaves them hollowed and passionless in the end, if they cannot get past this prohibition against feeling. All of us must work to shift the societal paradigm to one that gives men permission to be powerful and fully feeling, loving beings-real men feeling real passion. Then they can move toward self-fulfillment.
OK, how do all find this fulfillment?

First, what is fulfillment—that is the real question. It is passionate living, connected to the all. All is a very big word. It is all things and all people, smaller than small and bigger than big and includes ourselves. In essence, this is the description of the universe, as a living conscious being—God. When we allow God’s passion, another word for love, to flow through us and make it our own, we are fulfilled!

We must seek out passion and fulfillment—allowing it to flow from within.

David G. Eigen, Ph.D. holds his doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. His first book Men—The Gods of Love, courageously addresses the conflict between the present male-as-dominant role model (patriarchy), and men’s heart-centered heritage, which is to be The Gods of Love. This is Manhood’s Journey that all men must undertake to find their fulfillment, which is blocked by the patriarchal dictates. Men’s must connect to their hearts to feel fulfilled. It gives men easy-to-understand guidelines and illustrates their inherent and necessary birthright—to feel. It simply frees men from the chains that bind them and allows them to be powerful, loving men. You can visit his website to find out more about him and his important book.[…]